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Feb 27, 2009


Ken Huffman


If you're convinced that giving IG's more money will ultimately save the govt. hard dollars, be sure to recommend that IG staff be sprinkled with pixie dust so they can fly free to audit sites. The political timing is right. Just close your eyes and believe.


Without question DOD acquisition is broken and it'd take years to touch all those responsible. However, it's not enough to call for reform without offering your own solutions. Where are POGO's solutions? I would love to read them but you site is way too big for a newbie to wind through.

I'd suggest:

1. Aviation acquisition needs to be in the form of fly-offs.

Issue a RFP then meet with those interested to clarify what it is the customer (DOD and the taxpayers) wants. Tell the companies to bring their product to Edwards AFB in 8-12 months for test flights so the standards set in the RFP can be judged and measured. This lets companies design and build a product to fit into the RFP and I have to believe saves a ton of development money. The aircraft with the best ratio of meeting the RFP to cost per airframe would be the winner.

2. After an award has been issued the mission-creep comes to a halt. This is where, IMHO, the costs skyrocket. Every wild hair a PEO or SM gets suddenly works it's way to the contractor and now requirements have changed. All these extras added after a contract has been issued is boosting the bottom lines.

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