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Feb 02, 2009



Dear Readers, 2/2/2009

Please note that the 'POGO's live Twitter updates' (whatever that is will link the viewer to something called the 'Twitter' site and then with a featured Article that says something to the effect that 'Ms. Brian is furious at a recent (2/2/2009) Washington Post editorial that the WPA should be removed from the stimilus Bill).

I clicked on this link several times in the past few hours and then notified via telephone POGO that a click on this link will result ib the user being linked to a Spy Site with a URL something like tinyurl.com.

Also and unfortunately there does appear to be (without author) Washington Post Article that has this ridiculous, hipocracy and appalling mention in their Editorial Section print of their 2/2/2009 Newspaper.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


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