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Feb 12, 2009


ron Harris

ms sparky

I am going through arbitration with KBR. I am looking for a lawyer in the Kansas City area to help me. Do you have some links that I could refer too.

Not an Attorney

I also am astonished as I tend to concur towards Ms. Sparky, Neil and the Author of this (another) seemingly superb and excellent and seemingly and initially a spot perfect and very serious and in my view much needed brave, courageous and with fidelity Article from POGO.

Also, as POGO usual and customery communication has seemingly also been very king and gracious towards all so I somehow will try to remain in the hopes that there will be a re-calibration and with a more enlightened kind and gracious clarification of the expressed views in the future from the notably noted mentioned blog comment reply.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Not an Attorney


I guess the next time you need electrical work done on your home, you won't hesitate to hire KBR because, even though they are suspected of having caused the electrocution deaths of several soldiers, nothing has been conclusively proven yet in a court of law.

Or, do you think you might behave a little differently if it were your own life and money on the line?

ksbr esq


As an attorney you'll appreciate the difference between a conviction and "adequate evidence." The latter has no formal definition, but a conviction strongly suggests (confirms) the evidence was adequate. So, you are dreaming if you think the growing federal case since 2004 would have been adequate to debar. It required a verdict, no?
This misunderstanding is a stone's throw from POGO's enduring desire to classify a civil court settlement as contractor misconduct, even though there is no admission or denial of wrongdoing by the contractor, and that assertion is fully accepted by the government. Those contractors are not guilty of anything.
Make sense, sir?

Ms Sparky

Unbelievable!!! It's time for the American people to stand up and stay enough is enough. I vote for debarrment!!!

Ms Sparky

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