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Jan 26, 2009



Dear Readers, 2/26/2009

It appears unmistakeable and clear that Ann has acted in brilliant, dedicated and forthright manner within this issue. Unfortunately, I am not as familar with this direct issue that is seemingly and coincidentaly one of POGO's adament and/or first and foremost concerns and issues.

Although, please note that in my support of Ann's and POGO's concerns, I would suggest that it would be appropriate and also require President Obama to publically state and/or immediately withdraw his designee from appointment consideration as from my reading of POGO's many reviews on this matter as from this POGO Article this clearly and unmistakeably violates President Obama direct reform order and asks our legislatures to approve him in this overwhelmingly sensetive first 100 days of this presidential term.

As this clear and distinctive controversy has been communicated at all levels and for some time, hopefully President Obama will display some 'get real' and 'change we can believe in' enlightened response(s) and/or to this seemingly great error and/or mistake.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



I just contacted each member of the committee from their Senate websites and asked them to Reject Confirmation. What I am wondering is why both sides have not asked him to withdraw this nominee and asked committee members to reject nomination based on standing firm on his Executive Order because this establishes a precedence and shows that the EO was basically not a real commitment to change.

Here is what I sent:
Please help the Obama Administration stick to their promise and vote against confirmation of William Lynn. It is important that ethics of the incoming administration be held accountable without that, the waiver of his Executive Order sets a precedence that could show Americans the administration is practicing business as usual and the change America voted for is not real. See:


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