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Jan 30, 2009



Dear Readers, 1/30/2009

This is a partial copy/paste blog comment reply that I was fortunate to post on a recent superb and excellent 1/26/2009 Ms. Lumpkin authored POGO Article entitled 'SIG TARP Grabs Mandate and Runs With It'.

1) Glass Stegal should immediately be reinststed,

2) With proper and forthright implementation a
1 Million Dollar full asset 1 Dollar Coverage (REASONABLE!! Treasury, FDIC and/or ecetra) should cover all (within reason!!) Bank and if and/or as in existence every Money Market Funds without any date implementation and restriction.

3) Every effort should be accomodated to adjudicate and/or adjust every so-called Mortgage and/or as may be required.

4) Along with the 'Federal Employee WPR Act' that will hopefully correct the fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in many of our world leading Industries that also a 'get real' approach will allow for the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and health care to be addressed and implemented to a 'get real' approach and endeavor resolve.

5) As our MSM News and presumably our US Executive and Legislative Branches of our US Government have for several weeks seemingly stated our Economy and Financials have cause for concern, I would again suggest in the interim that just 200 Billion Dollars of your Trillion Dollar allotments this last year alone could go directly to State, County and City Governments in the US to directly employee 22.2 Million Tax Paying !! Workers at 9 dollars an hour.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dear Mr. Michael Smallberg, 1/30/2009
Dear POGO,

I am writing a very limited and hopefully brief response to your/this another superb and excellent Article from POGO. Please note that I have attached a/my blog comment reply from your 12/8/2008 POGO Article. Also, I just know found another great superb and excellent Article from POGO that mentioned a overwhelming New Congressional House vote of hundreds and with not one 'no' vote on this seemingly identical issue of 'Oversight and Accountability'.

Please note that today the NWC website has offered superb excellent members of their Attorney//Lawyer//Counsel Staff, I presume to assist to address concerns that may arise in the procrastination and/or reference to 'Whistleblower' issues that may arise form this Article of presumed and/or presumed many concerns.

Should this Article be completely correct that the entire Financial and many and/or most all other systems are in need in substantial need of revampment (somewhat concurring of concerns that where also expressed from then Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton) that hopefully our US Legislatures will end the bi-partisn provocations and directly enter into communicable agreements to unite within these endeavors.

Please note that I highly recommend that our US Legislatures bring to a floor vote HR985, 'Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection, Restoration Enhancement Act' for the immediate approval, passage and implementation and regardless of this so-called bail-out HR1 stimulus Bill.

(Even if it is well know that this impending HR1 Bill is to some extent seemingly similar and/or preceived to be seemingly somewhat and/or to some extent seemingly corrupt and/or seemingly less than expected and/or accommodative that our US Senators should take this opportunity to stand united and with a united concurring vote and correspondence to the 'We the People' as to their decision and in their endeavors to correspond in a 'get real' 'change we can believe in' towards, with and within our Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches of our US Government and their Committes, thereof).

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Attached prior blog comment reply correspondence

Dear POGO, 12/8/2008

In my view, I hope this POGO Article from Mr. Smallberg is given the full respect and regard and the highest and utmost of time and consideration as available to my attached reply corrspondence to the Obama-Biden Transition Team in the care and to the attention of Mr. John Podesta. Please note this there was a more precise follow-up e-mail that I sent to the Obama-Biden Transition Team 'Bold New Plan' that I have not included with this/my blog comment reply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

Date: Saturday, November 22, 2008, 11:36 AM

Dear Mr. John Podesta, Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team,

Good day. I have not yet watched your video, although please allow me to mention the following and in keeping with the Obama-Biden transition Team endeavors as suggested from your/this e-mail.

Please, immediately at your convenience directly contact Mr. Tom Devine at GAP, Government Accountability Project.

Please also review my blog comment replies on the GAP, NWC National Whistleblower Center and POGO Project On Government Oversight Websites. Please be assured that the Sabersky Plan will accomodate and at no additional cost to anyone and will immediately and/or expeditiously allow for an additional direct source of revenue for the Federal Government and US Federal Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Advisory Board Judicial System and to the creation of hundreds or thousands of additional jobs that are necessary and mandated in the proper and forthright interpretations of our US Constitutional Democratic (inalienable rights) Laws, Rules and Regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact me or Mr. Tom Devine at GAP at your earliest convenience. Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

PS. The following are my suggestions for additional consideration.

1) No one in our World leading Democracy and Country should go without Food, Shelter, Clothing and Medical Care.

2) Obviously and concurrent with your US Attroney General recommendation the enactment and implementation of the Death Penalty should be permanently abolished. Also and obviously the abolishment of torture and torture devices, illegal rendition etc.

3) A more proper 'Oversight and Accountability' and as I have mentioned and been consistent with for decades and over 50 years should be accomodated.

4) An endeavor to create at least an additional 25 million jobs by 6/2009 would appear to be a reasonable endeavor.

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