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Jan 30, 2009



Just shows how stupid you are as is the public. The $360 million in energy projects, the largest part of the NNSA package, would have enabled the NNSA to generate over 100 MW of electricity from wind and solar PV. This is over 28% of the entire NNSA complex's electricity usage and would have let the NNSA lead the nation in renewable energy. However, the people responsible for this short-sighted reduction have eliminated the funding. Thanks POGO for being anti-renewable energy!

Nuclear guy

If you guys want to be taken seriously, at least try to get the players right in your press releases. In the first Munger article you quote, Munger did not ask Thom Mason about using funding for Building 3019. He did not ask because ORNL has no say in the operations of Building 3019. That building and the materials therein were transferred to Isotek two years ago under the oversight of DOE's Environmental Management group. In the second Munger article you quote, Munger contacted Steven Wyatt of the NNSA about funding for the UPF. Steven Wyatt is not associated with ORNL in any way.

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