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Jan 15, 2009



Dear Readers, 1/15/2008

I had intended to not write further blog comment replies unless I was linked and/or directly mentioned and/or requested in a POGO Blog and/or a POGO Blog mentioned the word 'simplicity' within a POGO Blog and with the presumable endeavor as to proper and forthright 'Oversight and Accountability'.

As this Article specifically and pointedly mentions 'Oversight of the Bailout', please allow me to re-mention ( and that seemingly all and/or most all and all the News Media have failed to properly and forthrightly accommodate) my support for the brave and courageous US Federal Judges whom have seemingly with with Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity ruled that seemingly any foreclosure Institution must and should produce the 'DEED DOCUMENT'.!!!!!.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.



They pay us (federal contractors) more to screw up than they do if we perform well, and then they say we are taking advantage of "loopholes" to make money? Give me a break. And isn't the whole point of TARP to reward those who have failed? Duh! Do you have to be stupid to run for Congress or do they have a special lobotomy that you get once you get there? What's even more mysterious is why those who work for POGO continue to buy in to this garbage. Maybe you should regularly rotate your people out of Washington DC for a few months so they can breathe the air the rest of us breathe.

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