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Jan 07, 2009


KSBR thinking

Okay, Mandy: would it be ok if the eventual reg restricted the first-born of Mr. Lynn from being a Defense contractor? Short of that, can Mr. Lynn be electronically neutered so he will never give rise to a good-for-the-Warfighter idea while employed, again, in the private sector? If we trust officials to exercise high levels of public trust in the first place, we need to trust them to disclose potential conflicts, be transparent, and steer clear of active conflicts or even the appearance of same. That is what new regs need to do. The talent pool is just not that big to foul out so many people, ya know? Who would you want as depsecdef? Someone who has no background in defense? Some odd, patched up, self-aggrantizing professor from the K school? Some person who cut his teeth only at Bozo Allen or the Carlisl Gp? Someone who had never seen a cockpit or a men's locker room? The possibilities are endless.

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