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Dec 15, 2008



Ballistic missiles are unreliable. Their reliability is about the same as all other large rockets at 99%. A 1% chance that the nuke falls back into your lap is a little too much risk for me. Bombers have a lower mission availability rate, but also the chances of them dumping a bomb on home soil is extremely remote. They are recallable. They also don't follow a predictable trajectory, which makes them difficult to shoot down. That unpredictability is great for survivability when combined with high speed and stealth.

This country has needed a Mach 3 bomber for nearly half a century. A large SR-71 like aircraft big enough to carry 40,000 lbs of bombs and put them on target anywhere in the world quickly would be ideal. Shape stealth only! None of those expensive and fragile edge and surface treatments. Ironically, such an airplane concept is doomed from the start because it wouldn't cost enough to make the contractors happy.

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