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Dec 05, 2008



Oooh, competitive prototyping. That didn't help much in the ATF competition where the worst of the two between the YF-23 and YF-22 was chosen. Even on JSF, Boeing was never going to get that pig to hover, even if they did finally pull enough crap off the X-32B to get it to do the trick once - light on gas and carrying no weapons. Great, right. You can't go anywhere or shoot anyone, but it will take off vertically. Of course, competitive prototyping could have been a real boon to both programs if the contractors had something to lose had the prototypes showed, as the X-32B did, that the contractor was lying. The competitive prototype for the ATF competition didn't fix the fact that the USAF had no concept for how they were going to use stealth.

Why they needed thrust vectoring for a stealth fighter is still beyond me. If you're not going anywhere and making a lot of noise and heat, you're not stealthy, you're a target. Any pilot stupid enough to use thrust vectoring in a real fight will be a dead pilot. Ironically, the F-35 guys are busy making that point to the USAF right now. That from the same people who gave you the F-22. Both aircraft are aerodynamic pigs and the F-35 will never come in a less than $100 million a copy. The US taxpayer will be screwed with either airplane.

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