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Dec 10, 2008



This self reporting rule appears to favor the contractors in that it will reduce false Claims act violations and thus save avoid big fines and heading off any whistle blowing.

KSBR shocked

Do we think that the GSA IG guy's comment (if he is genuine) is professional and proper? Even funny? Ask him if the GSA IG will establish, on its own authority, a parallel program for government employees? Just kidding, of course.

Dave Farley


Thanks for the coverage of the new form. We hope that contractors will find it helpful. Also thought it might be worth mentioning that there have been discussions about entering those contractors reporting within the first week into a drawing for a delightful plush toy "junk yard dog" with our logo on a chain around its neck, just in time for the holidays.

Dave Farley
Special Asst. for Communications and Congressional Affairs
GSA Office of Inspector General

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