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Dec 10, 2008


Steve Lindley (frndlind)

Before I became disabled with CBD I worked as a Boilermaker. I still have quite a fight with EEOICPA on my hands but without the help of Mr. Glenn Bell I would certainly not have gotten as far as I am. One morning at Savannah River Site when having our "safety meeting" the boss got up and said "we have lost too many crescent wrenches and the next person who I find out has lost a crescent wrench is down the road kicking cans(fired). It cost us more to replace one crescent wrench than one man. I have to fill out twenty pages of paperwork to get another wrench but all I have to do is call the hall for another man." Tradgic but true isn't it. That's all we that work in the trenches are to the Feds and the money makers...calateral damage! Worthless unless able! One gets sick and disabled just call the hall and get another. It is easier than replacing a wrench.

Glenn Bell

The ORNL beryllium report comes as no surprise. The contractors and DOE will do only what they are forced to do regarding beryllium contamination. "Are we in compliance?" seems to be the only question asked, although it is general knowledge that Chronic Beryllium Disease and beryllium sensitivity can occur at far below the allowable limit. I retired from Y-12 at the beginning of this year due to worsening CBD-related health problems, and ongoing exposure potential, although I'd been re-assigned to a "clean" area. Beryllium contamination 10x the public release limit was found in my work area a month before I retired. CBD and sensitivity have been recently diagnosed in workers with 5 years or less at Y-12, and in areas they are being told pose no threat. There's no trust of the system protecting workers. None.
Glenn Bell, Beryllium Victims Alliance, Oak Ridge, TN

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