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Dec 08, 2008


Lessons Learned

Maybe we should talk about all those secret settlement of complaints with PUBLIC MONIES..........

Lessons Learned

Dan Mazza,

Why do you only see a few names, I beleive that shows how bad the retaliation is, other FAMS have seen these few stoned and persecuted for standing up for what is right! Have you heard of the no fear act? Do you know less than 70% of the workforce know their rights? Do you know over 1500 OLE/FAM Employees are disatisfied with the service?

I can assure you these few speak for many, do you know how many court cases are pending against this agency and the managers and how many have been settled to hush the problems? Please do your homework before you speak such absurd comments.

One must ask what have you seen? A staged visit to an office like they perform when politicians and others are invited and SSI is shown on national TV?

These few would love to get on with their lives, but they will not allow fault on their rights that many have fought to protect, and the very ones they agreed to protect when they taken their oath of office.



FAM's have a direct sight to write the Director about questions and issues - YOU NEVER GET A REPLY. I NOW ASSUME the DIRECTOR never even reads our concerns


A very small group of disgruntled employees, eh? Maybe we can have a discussion about unfair labor practices(e.g. LEAP lawsuit judgement that went against FAMS). This message board was just brought to my and my colleagues' attention. Maybe now you will see someone other than the same names. "From what I've seen," is a statement made by people who have seen very little. Tell you what; we'll get on with our lives that involve protecting you, and you get on with yours as the sheep that you are.

Nose Dive

Why do we always see the same management names involved in the FAMS problem areas? It seems to me that this is a very small group of disgruntled former Secret Service cronies that need to move on. From what I've seen, the agency has been run into the ground. These guys need to get on with their lives.


Let's take a look at some of the key words used in Byers' e-mail:

verb [ trans. ]
• take precautionary measures so as to protect oneself against future blame or liability
• disguise a fact of (something) with another action
• disguise the illicit absence or wrongdoing of (someone) in order to spare them punishment

verb [ trans. ]
• to protect from the unpleasant effects or elements of something

• skill used in deceiving others


One thing that is clear about FAMS management is that integrity, honor and selfless service are only punch lines used by FAM managers to justify their existence. They lie, cheat, steal and destroy the careers of those who attempt to hold them accountable for their actions. Tom Quinn is the prime example. Quinn should be in prison for his actions as a FAMS manager. Yet, he is protected by the same people who continue the same actions he took. As far as disgruntled employees go, why shouldn't the average American, like the men and women who make up the workforce, be disgruntled over being financially raped? Tax payers deserve honesty not thievery. For FAMS managers, greed not service, is the primary mission.


Mr. Mazza, your statement that this agency runs very well is prima facia evidence that you don't work for the FAMS.

Byer's has always been a tool and hatchet man and needs to be sent packing back home to collect his Secret Service pension. In fact, most of our DC admin (about 95% Secret Service cronies) need to get off the FAMS gravy train they've created for themselves, move on and let this agency get on track. The culture of cronyism and ineptitude they represent isn't needed in such a vital mission as the one in the FAMS.

Those same voices will be crying out in the wilderness until things are fixed, I'm quite sure.

Dan Mazza

Why do we always see the same names involved in the FAMS problem areas? It seems to me that this is a very small group of disgruntled employees that need to move on. From what I've seen, the agency runs very well. These guys need to get on with their lives.

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