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Dec 19, 2008



Through unfortunate and/or unwarrented ongoings I write the following addendum that I presume will hopefully be posted.

I believe the following facts are indisputable and would be concurred by a reasonable person and a proper Court of Law. In my view Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic Court is to a substantial, notable, significant and/or relevant extent a seemingly illegal and corrupt entity and seemingly to a substantial, notable, significant and/or relevant extent in corrupt and in violation of the RICO Act, Racketeering and within their point system allocation and that incidentally to some extent is becomming a International allocation and/or implementation. Also with any 'Community Service' attachment could seemingly be in substantial, notable, illegal and corrupt entity of an additional Slavery accomodation violation.

Further, please note that in my unwarrented and/or unfortunate ongoing circumstance it appears that an allegations could be brought forward that there is also no reasonably expected ability to post bail and also no ability to be allowed to appear in Court and/or contact with this Court. Also it appears clear and overwhelming that the Security at this paticular facility is deliberately and intentionally putting the safety and lives of the many Law Enforcement Officers and most especially the General Public and those choosing and/or those forced to make an appearance to the Court and/or Los Angeles Court Clerk. Also in my specific ongoing matter and view (and possibly many and/or all others) there could be an additional allegation of to suggest the to some extent the 'Tampering, mis-representing and/or mishandling of Material Evidence' directly from Los Angeles Compton Superior Court Chief Justice, Brian Petraberg and his Clerk office and un-nammed at this time Clerk.

As this is only a very limited addendum, I will also mention that Tasers, Microwave, stun guns and in some instances pepper spray procedures etcetra and other so-called non-lethal lethal weapons and procedures are in fact lethal and or severly dibaliting weapons and to some and varing extents in both in the short term and long term and procedures and that are a significant danger to most all and in proper interpretation of facts and in a proper Court of Law would be concurred and supported by a reasonable person.

These courts seem to have lost their advocation towards 'liberty' 'due process' 'law' 'democracy' and 'redemption and salvation values', (and there is an additional mention that I am unable to recollect at this moment) and to seemingly relevant extent more ethical teaching principles thereof.

Robert Olcott

I regret that my financial resources do not permit me to make a donation at this time. Were they better, I certainly would. I am most appreciative of the recent mailed POGO newsletter I received, and commend all for a superb job. I wish anyone with the means to donate, would do so, and I encourage any and all readers to do so, without reservation.


Dear POGO, 12/19/2008
Dear Ms. Smithberger,

I am going to write this follow-up for several and/or
numerous concerns.

Since my reply to your direct parenthesized Axel, the use of my name and from another series of letters and personal appearances I received from the Los Angeles Compton Superior Court, presumably Chief Justice Petraberg, I mention that should your 'we're looking at you, Axel' include Mr. Scott Amey of POGO, et all at POGO and should your, GAP and the NWC advocacy towards Whistleblowers be truthful then I mention that I have left an abundance of messages through this evening on Mr. Devine's GAP answering machine and that you have my permisson to contact Mr. Devine at GAP and upon Mr. Devine's permisson to correspond within this mention.

If you have any questions or concerns, please have Mr. Amey or Ms. Brian contact ne at their convenience.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky


Dear POGO, 10/19/2008
Dear Ms. Smithberger,

I thought I should and again respond and to your(parenthesized acknowledgement) of which I continue to be humbly appreciative.

My impression is that your Oraganization and many other similar Organizations and with their superb and excellent expertise, dedication and responsibilities to their readers and all are seemingly as exasperated and frustrated by the seemingly lack of will and/or seemingly blatent erosion and/or seemingly non-compliance by our US Executive, Legislative and Judicial leaders to seemingly more appropriately and/or properly and forthrighly support our US Consttituional, Bill of Rights, Inalienable Rights and seemingly corresponding proper and forthright endeavors of the legal applications of Laws, Rules and Regulations (and not the secret, illegal, immoral, unlawful etcetra legal application of law.).

Please note that it remains my view, opinion and suggestion and where I may be obligated with a vested interest and I suggest would be concurred by reasonable persons that immediately;

1) In respect to our US Constitutional Democratic Government the (illegal) legal application enactment of the death penalty must end (also hopefully and immediately ending are including the end to torture, illegal rendition, unwarrented and/or illegal secrecy, unwarrented and/or illegal wiretaps etcetra),

2) The mandated US Constitutional Democratic Inalienable Rights of the 'Federal Employee Whistleblower Restoration Protection Act' and endeavors therof must be fully restored. (Again, my suggestion of the Sabersky Plan Working Group and endeavors thereof appears to be the most reasonable, expected and necessary suggestion at this time).

After your review of my prior years of blog comment replies on your POGO Website and the NWC, National Whistleblower Center and GAP, Government Accountability Project websites, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Again, thank you for your kind and gracious acknowledgement.

Best wishes to you and all at POGO, NWC and GAP and all for an enjoyable Holiday Season and in the New Year.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


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