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Nov 18, 2008




Bondo, you're right, there were problems with LPD-17 throughout the process. As this article shows, there were design problems in using a computer system "was reportedly not up to the task of designing an entire ship." And numerous other problems along the way, failing several inspections, leaks, etc.


You pay for process and you get lots and lots of process. You pay for results and you get results. The longer NG drags out the development and building of this ship the more money they make. There's no mystery. It's not illegal. What's wrong is right there in plain sight, and even then you can't figure it out?

The Navy can write all the requirements they want. They can try to mandate quality and they can try to force the contractor to do the smart thing every step along the way, but in the end as long as the Navy is stupid enough to provide the contractor a financial incentive to fail they are going to fail. They will show incredible energy and inginuity in finding new ways to fail so they can milk the maximum profit out of the US taxpayer.

Here is the cold reality, capitalism works. It can work for you or against you, but either way it's going to work.


I'm sure the LPD-17 underwent a design review and approval before being launched. So, the problem is probably more related to skill levels and unrealistic deadlines to complete work. If the designs were faulty, that's a patent defect and several levels of approval were involved in the scam.

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