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Nov 13, 2008



Wow, you people are so naive. Have you ever gone into a defense contractor plant and wondered where all of the draftsmen and secretaries went? No, probably not. Well, imagine you did. Imagine you'd gone into a defense contractor's plant 20 years ago and saw about 5 draftsmen for every engineer and every first level manager had a secretary. What would you see if you went back today? They are all gone. Why? The draftsmen are all gone because the companies can only charge the government 2/3rds to 3/4ths of what they can charge for an engineer to do the same task. The secretaries are gone because they work on overhead. In other words, they take their salaries directly out of company profits. An engineer will charge directly to the contract to type that memo. Janitors too. We've got rats all over our plant now because they want the engineers to take out their own trash. The janitor got paid out of company overhead, but engineers charge the time they spend emptying their trash directly to the government at a rate of $150 to $200 per hour. Only problem is, engineers are slobs, hence the rats. All this happens right under your noses and you're worried about a hand full of leap year hours? This is the funniest blog on the internet. It's like watching someone search for an elephant with a microscope.

KSBR stupified

Jake, me lad, you need to have your eye on the ball. Do you think the small cost to government that you cite is a meaningful part of contractor cost? Of course, it's not.
You seem riveted on retribution. Before docking the contractors, let's plus them up with the monetized value of legendary government job security and freedom from accountability, a pension plan that almost all private sector empoyers don't even attempt, and the privilege of serving the people. BTW, what is your salary? Are you ready for sacrifice for the common good in the coming administration? We're ready in my organization.

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