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Nov 21, 2008



Where's POGO's demand for oversight when it comes to the Fed? The $5 trillion they've put up swamps the mere $700 billion Congress actually voted on. That kinda smacks of taxation without representation to me. Didn't we fight a war over that? Now not only do we not fight a war, it's difficult to find anyone who gives a rip.


We are glad oversight will be stressed in this bailout. However, we find it stange that many calling for this oversight did not require oversight for the handout to Northrop Grumman Corporation. In fact they continue to refuse to explain clearly what Northrop did with the billions they received in Katrina aid or why they received it in the first place.


An additional and just one of many of a seemingly important mention(s) that I forgot to mention on my previous reply comments to this Article is that is it correct that on 8/30/2008 there was a US IRS, Internal Revenue Service application and somehow from our US Legislatures that gave these illegal and corrupt legal Application(s) to these many banks and Investment Firms that completely exhonerates them from any taxes and and proper and forthright Oversight, Accountability, Transperency ecetra and that is reported on DemocracyNow.org Archives and other media?

Is it correct and also from my reading the IRS is an Administrative Agency and its Authority and Jurisdiction is 100% and only derived from the US Treasury Department!! and most all or many of its written rulings, regulations etc. are completely out of any proper and forthright applicable legal jusridiction and most have been reviewed for decades by our US Treasury Department and seemingly by our US Legislative and Judicial Leaders and have explicitly not been responded to and/or certified, ratified ecetra by the US Treasury Department that has 100% jurisdiction and all the other necessary US Legislative, Judicial and Executive Agencies and as required? Is it correct and in my view that the US IRS was never ment to be a or used as a weapon to be used by and especially by our US Justice Department and nor by our US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch of our US Constitutional Democratic Government and that is reported to some and varied extent in print review ?


Can someone show me a specific example of "OVERSIGHT" that has resulted in any significant policy change?

We now live in an Alice in Wonderland existence where up is down , and black is white.

Is "OVERSIGHT" just a term of art to make us all feel better.

We have all heard of the Halliburton and Blackwater examples, but look at other government agencies such as NFIP and SSA.

A simple google search shows that the barbarians are not only at the gate, they have melted it down and sold it for scrap:



Why is there no basic oversight and review of where our tax dollars are going? Who is guarding the gate?


Is it correct that the same alleged illegal and/or corrupt policies and practices, Financial Applications and bail-out allocations and proposals are now intend to be so-called "Oversight" by these very same people in the President Clinton and President Bush era and our US Executive, Legislative and Judicial leaders that voted for approval for these alleged policies and practices and are now all scheduled for appointment in the so-called New Obama-Biden Administration?

Is it correct to assume that it would be correct to assume and/or there would be substaintial suspect to assume that 'the Foxes are guarding the Chicken Coup' and also in reference to the quote from a TPM Muckraker comment reply blogger 'Dar' to suspect to assume that 'You have to be a blind conservative to not see it and a dishonest one to deny it' would apply here?

Is it correct that I alledge that it seemingly appears to many and of reasonable people that I contend would concur that 'We the People' have all witnessed the recent decades of this seemingly and/or deliberate and intentional fraudulent and corrupt abuses and willful and deliberate negligence and upon our US Democratic and US Constitutional inalienable rights and with the subterfuge of the FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ACT, S1358 in 2003 and HR985 in at least 2007 and 2008 by our US Legislative, Executive and Judicial leaders and that may have and/or has been acknowledged and/or contributed by our US Supreme Court incredulous incredible hipocracy ruling in the Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti ruling that prevented a california State Government District Attorney from speaking and submitting the truth as required in his duties and all proper and forthright interpretations of US Democratic Constitutional law from a wrongfully decided case and the following concurring opinions that appear to not be able to pass a third grade reading comprehension test and/or exam!!!!?

Is it correct that many of our brave and courageous Govenors, Attorneys and Law Enforcement Officers are suffering from illegal and unwarranted convictions for properly doing there duties with the highest of Fidelity, Bravery and Dignity and some are further being abused, tortured and/or murdered in our torturous jails torturous and prisons and is concurred also concurred with the recent and from lengthy grand jury indictment of US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Former US Attroney General Alberto Gonzales, Yes it is.


Is it correct that the bail-out is really a bail-in to the continueD corruption and fraud? Is it correct that the bail-out buying of preffered stock and other seemingly inappropriate schemes is along the same corrupt principles and in clear violation of the proper and forthright Accounting towards Fidicuary Duty towards Shareholders of public and private Companies? and along the same corrupt avenues as with CEO and Executive Compensation and all the Corrupt Derivitives Markets and from the corrupt and illegal legal application of the Clinton/Gramm/McCain Modernization act and the susequent repeal of glass stegal act?

Is it clear and unmistakeable that there are clear and appropriate Avenues for resolve and Accounting Principles that could immediately be applied to reslove the ongoing as reported " Financial Crises' and seemingly becoming much worse?

Is it clear and unmistakeable that there is and can not be any forthright and proper 'Oversight and Accountability without the immediate Floor vote and approval of the FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ACT, S1358 in 2003 and HR985 in at least 2007 and 2008 that has been held in illegal, immoral and seemingly unconstitutionally subterfuge which has seemingly also greatly contributed to render or US Democratic Government Nugatory?

Is it clear and unmistakeable the the enactment of the implementation of the Death penalty should be permenantly abolished in our US Constitutional Democratic Government, absolutely YES!!


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