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Nov 12, 2008



The F-22 is wildly over priced at $180 million per. It costs twice per pound what the same generation of stealth B-2 cost, so there is no question it is fantastically expensive. On the other hand, the F-22 took 25 years to develop. Does it make sense to pay for 25 years of development only to buy 180 aircraft? Do you think our only potential enemies are terrorists? Everyone else loves us, right? Our only possible enemies are low tech, low skilled types for the next 25 years? You're sure of that? Sadly, the F-22 wasn't even the best airplane in the ATF competition. You POGO dudes should file a freedom of information act request to get the USAF to release the performance specifications of the YF-23. If you can ever get the real scoop out of the USAF it will knock your socks off what they passed up for that turkey they got. Then again, cancelling the F-22 is yet another win for the defense contractors. Now that we pay them the same 10% profit on development as we do on delivering weapons guess what they'd rather do? It's pretty clear, isn't it? You get the same profit on producing a pile of paper as you do on building a real weapon. Where do you think all the risk is, in the pile of paper or the weapon? Duh, right? Go ahead and force the USAF to stop buying F-22s. The contractors love the money. Or let the USAF buy some more and the contractors win that way too. Pick your poison.

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