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Oct 20, 2008


Liz Doe

Scott Bloch was the best thing that could have happened for the Office of Special Counsel. Most of the OSC employees were lazy and uncaring. There was a terrible case backlog. Scott came into office and "cleaned house" He brought order to the office and assigned teams to clean up the backlog.There were those who were angry because they had to "work" for a change. Some resigned because they could not continue to play on the internet all day. He was a caring person who was concerned about people who were experiencing problems in the workplace unjustly. There were those who plotted to have him removed because of what he stood for and because he could not be manipulated. I'm certain that its 'playtime as usual at OSC since Scott's departure.

Surface Farce

This shows that Scott Bloch has brain cells functioning to realize that he better leave before the next administration shows up. The next step is his indictment. I just hope that Scott Bloch and Dick Cheney will be in good enough health for their court trials. Also there is a long list of willful accomplices that will remain in government after January 20, 2009. Many are middle and senior level career bureaucrats that need to be handled with during the first 100 days.

Ken Huffman

So POGO's nemesis Bloch leaves under his own steam at a time of his own choosing. Great job POGO. Only three and a half years after you and your very special interests goaded OMB into appointing the incompetent IG of OPM to investigate OSC. By the way, where's the IG's investigative report that your attorney demanded? OSC's dysfuntion and political agenda's pre-date Bloch by 20 years. How did all those years of focusing on Bloch's scalp contribute to systemic improvement in that useless agency? POGO did lobby hard to win a pay raise for IG's which benefits the OPM IG. I don't suppose POGO was ever troubled that an IG who has engaged in operations fraud, harassment, and retaliation against his employees since 1990 would be investigating Bloch? Do you labor in the public interest or just in behalf of special interests?

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