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Oct 20, 2008


senor thrill

On January 13, 2009 at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 6B, U.S. District Court, 601 Market St., Philadelphia PA a non-jury trial will be held in Kerrigan v. U.S. Dept. of Labor Office of Workers' Compensation Program and Office of Inspector General.

Evidence will be presented that establishes beyond a resonable doubt that the Patriot Act was used for the purposes of whistleblower retaliation.

The U.S. Attorneys' office has squandered tens of thousands of tax dollars defending agency personnel who violated state and federal criminal laws.

Evidence will also be presented that the OWCP fabricated medical opinion using false information as part of the retaliation. It will be a trial that exposes deliberate and planned medical malpractice for the reporting of fraud and abuse.

Come early and get a good seat because you already paid for it.


It's ironic that POGO asks those of us who work for government contractors to put our jobs at risk to tell you about what we perceive as graft or corruption, yet you will not lift a finger against the real and fundamental problems that lead to the the vast majority of waste we see in government spending. When will POGO speak out against contracts that pay for process and provide few to no incentives for results? It is difficult to take POGO seriously when you won't stand up against such an obvious conflict of interest.


Dear Readers, 10/20/2008

Please note the additional corrections to my/the attached previous post to this Article.

1) Subterfuge is the correct spelling, (not sugterfuge).

2) HR985 is the Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Act that has been unamiously approved by our US Congress and by majority approval to withstand a Presidential Veto. Also the guaranteed precedents, inalienable rights to our US Constitution, Bill of Rights and including Article VII, Jury trials elements of HR985 where in clear and unmistakeable, superb and excellent US SENATE ETHICS AND GOOD GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE TESTIMONY with Senators Lieberman and Collins Presiding and included in the HIGHLY VISIBALE AND PRECEDENT !! 11/2003 US Senate Testimony from Mr. Stephen M. Kohn of the National Whistleblower Center and Mr. Tom Devine of the Government Accountability Project.

3) Paragrapgh #3 should have included to mention the alleged numerous Hatch Act Violations and additionally the numerous concerns thereof and for the endeavors to proper and forthright Oversight and Accountability.

Thank you and all for your time and considerations.



Dear Readers, 10/20/2008

As all I assume well know, I am humbly appreciative and highly supportive of the many tremendous efforts towards 'Oversight and Accountability' that POGO has with exemplary, extraordinary and I presume pain-staking due diligence and commendable perserverance towards 'Oversight and Accountability'.

Although, it appears sad to note that this Article (links) in reference to Whistleblowers apparently did not include the 11/2003 superb and excellent Testimony before the US Senate Ethics and Good Government Committee, Senators Lieberman and Collins presiding, of the National Whistleblower Center, Mr. Stephen M. Kohn (in which my name and case file(s) where submitted in Testimony) and the Government Accountability Project, Mr. Tom Devine superb and excellent Testimony.

Also it is seemingly widely presumed and/or assumed and seemingly alleged that our US legislatures have held for at least the recent decades failed our US Democracy and in sugterfuge (along with HR985) and our US Government Nugatory to a seemingly recognizable extent with a clear lack of will to impeachments, the ongoing illegal war, illegal patriot Act, alleged and/or seemingly many fraudulent bailout aspects, FISA concerns, illegal wire taps, illegal and fraudulent secrecy, illegal torture and numerous other high crimes and mis-demeanors and illegal and corrupt so-called legal applications and of law. I would suggest that these and other acknowledgements and/or suggestions for resolves as I have written and expessed in my case files and on the POGO, GAP and NWC Website blog comment replies from the recent several years would suggest that they also must be addressed with proper 'Oversight and Accountability' for any implied intent of this Article to have towards 'Good Government' within the forthcomming Transition !! (IF ANY !! ?? !! ..

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


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