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Oct 15, 2008


Theo Marcus

POGO should be aware that "new law" also means a mad rush to finish burying the whistleblowers and peoples' champions in IG offices under the existing law -- while there's time. The stench of demoralization in the watchdog community is palpable. Only the most venal --- the very ones who need to be cast out -- are doing the talking, while their rumps soundly rest on the good cops under them. The Department of Commerce IG's office remains in state of peril. Is POGO concerned? Is it watching Dingell's committee and asking tough questions about the whistleblowers being maliciously retaliated against in the interregnum between Bush and Obama? Please Beverly, don't leave the good folks at the DOC IG behind. They've been given a new bad guy to finish the job the old bad guy was doing, all in behalf of the corrupt administration's DOC chief and his cronies and counsel. No pats on the back, Beverly -- good people in that office are suffering strokes, having their careers openly threatened, and being abused, all while Dingell's O&I group quietly shuts down in time for Waxman's takeover.

Do something other than assume all is well. It isn't. Far from it.

Ken Huffman


POGO's "crowing" is that of a cock on dung hill. If the new president has any sense, he won't spend one moment pondering whether to throw out
President Bush's statement as POGO suggests. Rather, he should seek to replace all sitting PAS IG's and direct his policy office to identify members of congress able to discern heat from light who will work assiduously to reform the grossly defective IG Reform Act of 2008. POGO's support for this Act has helped to further entrench and strengthen an old boy IG network most notable for 30 years of operational deception, lack of proactive or substantive impact on govt. operations, underperformance and, at best, mediocre leadership that eschews objective scrutiny and accountability. POGO has been co-opted by a carefully crafted charade.

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