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Oct 23, 2008



Dear POGO, 10/23/2008

Please note that if I recall correctly and from memory, that Mr. William E. Reukauf, the new OSC Chief as you describe DIRECTLY along with your highly praised Former OSC Chief ELAINE KAPLAN and DIRECTLY did not to this date give my FEDCIR//MSPB//DOJ//INS Case Files FEDCIR Dockets #00-3446 and #02-3254 the proper support and as required by Law and that would be presumed and expected by a reasonable person.

As POGO and Mr. Devine and GAP and Mr. Stephen M. Kohn should well know and is confirmed in the 11/2003 US SENATE GOOD GOVERNMENT AND ETHICS COMMITTEE HEARING where Ms. Elaine Kaplan, (Resigned) OSC, Office of Special Council Chief, Mr. Devine the GAP, Government Accountability Project representative Testified and Mr. Kohn the National Whistleblower Center Testified in support of this current FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER RESTORATION PROTECTION ACT 2008 and specifically used and submitted my case file FEDCIR Docket #02-3254.

As I assume you may well imagine, I continue to hope that I will recieve the additional and initial support that may be required and as I have previously mentioned and begged for many years ago and to include an Amicus Brief and/or any legal and lawful application to have the mandate against me and my case file(s) removed and overturned and especially that they not continue to be used as a unlawful and illegal legal application(s) against other litigants and as decsribed as precedent for many years in the Merit System Protection Board Federal Judges Handbook and within my continued endeavors to have these unlawful and illegal legal applications to be removed and overturned and for the complete relief that I am entitled to receive and on my behalf.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

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