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Sep 12, 2008



The papers are reporting that the Dept of Interrior testifed to Congress(on 9/18/08) that DOI has no clue---just out to lunch, totally---on how badly the MMS accounts were ripped off because the documentation on RIK was so crappy it was impossible to really tell what was going on.
This means RIK is a total sham. How was Scotty, the druggie, who held his sex toys (as if almsot some biker gang) hostage able to con the DOI for so long.
But, will the Bushy DOJ gives him a pass like he is gona get a MEDAL of Freedom from the Bush Admin in Austin Texas.
RIK was a set up to rip off the USA from the get go. But so many who filled MMS, never put their loyalty
1) the USA
2) the notion of full accountability
3) the duty to expose corruption
Instead, there were dishonest managers in MMS who
1) put high loyalty to Party operatives in bed with the oil and gas industry
2) used extortion tactics to put fear over good honest federal employees
3) expected loyalty and a code of silence to druggie cons like Smitty the really bad dude.
4) rewarded corruption, waste fraud, and lies, and deception...

Who was the biggest pusher on the RIK rip offs... Yes, Barbara Cubin, and her clique.
I believe POGO knows a thing ---or 2--about Cubin, who thank God will be an ex Congresswoman on Jan 9, 2009.
This RIK rip off scandal may be one of the biggest scandals in U S history.
Lets hope more MMS employees who are honest will come forward, and help America to find out just how badly it was damged in this sorry saga. I fear the bad dues in MMS(who may still be lurking)---will seek more codes of silence, an almost omerta code that has infected some elements of MMS... I hope POGO can break the ice to thaw the code of omerta in MMS, or this will be a legacy in MMS to contiune to hurt America. At least after Jan 9, 2009, Cubin will not be able to run her trips as a Congresswoman, but will there be ture change.
I hope there is for the GOOD OF AMERICA.


If the MMS gets cash on a market sales prices(hopefully arms length with no collusion, why would it take oil in kind(RIK OFFS)--that then is subject to more cost,(lowers net royalit to USA) to corruption(same lowers net to USA) , sex party diversions,and misallocations on delivery points( lowers net to USA), and the many games that MMS rouges--there seem to be so many-- play games, & as they get cosy with its sex toy pardners.(in bed with BIG OIL: BIG TIME)
IS MMS a proven marketer of oil and gas... well Greg Smith was able to pull the wool over people's eyes for so long, it is still unclear how much MMS was ripped off. And, as POGO pointed out the Associate Director(Lucy D) was involved in serious scams, as found by the IG, but is it her political connections that have allowed her to excape indictment....congress needs to look inot that, and the all on that.... very thorougly.
And, what about her association with David Deal, who has been associated with the big Texas --corporate law firm, & oil trade groups.
Deal---what a name associated with the mess--was hanging around MMS DC, and is he under the radar, given how stuff at MMS went so awfully bad, to leave billions uncollected. There needs to be more controsl in place to trace any stolen monies, and, look at why the RIK scams turned into a haven for bilking the USA as if is a sucker, and nobody in MMS DC cares.
MMS really has no open market pricing in its RIK program, it is all in the shady backroom MMS Greg Smith cocaine parlors, and MMS probably has no clue on hwo badly it allowed the USA to get screwed by Fast lane... Smitty, and his trcks....

Here are 4 major questions for congress next week which I hope POOG urges Congress to take up with DOI/ MMS:
1) IS the DOI IG allowed to bring civil actions on its own.. or must it make referrals to the DOJ ?
2) How many civil referrals were made on any bilkings to DOJ, and the record on, declinations etc
3) Hwo many criminal declinations have there been where DOJ declines to indict like in the Greg Smith matters---i. e a whole range of stuff...... which has shocked America at the DOJ failures, even opeds around America noted... just outrage at DOJ failues to act
4) more questions to find out if MMS has effective means to sue crooks--and are there big problems in that area---and hopefuly Congress gets documents on before the Hearings....THE WWW is filled with ourtage in the total breakdowns in accountability, why do the two for Pres not get inot in teh Race---who will really put accountability first, America deserves to know, before Nov 4th...

POGO is helping to address the issues on the important questions, and helping to get input from around America...
Good work POGO, keep it up....
I once recall Greg Smith aruging to keep RIK sales secret for all time... is that transparanecy---NO ,it is the total lack thereof, it may be more shocking if any really peeled back what really was going on in the RIK OFF palace... some at DOI do not want the American public and Congress to get to the bottom of matters. SAD---the shocking range of unaccountability is beyond sickening...

70s Dude

Nobody Rides for Free!

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