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Sep 29, 2008


Ken Huffman

Aside from IG term limits, much of this bill is a disgrace. It's the product of a clueless congress that continues to fully fail the taxpayer and this nation.


This law is great news for the oversight community. These are some of the improvements needed in the IG system. One major one not covered is the audit method used by IG's and other government agencies. They seem to only audit after the fact, and some only do it for big dollar findings to generate newspaper headlines (like SIGIR). Government auditors need to get away from 50 year old financial and compliance audit methods "after the fact", and start doing front end operational auditing like practiced by Certified Internal Auditors. The idea is to have experienced operational auditors walk through new program and spending systems at the BEGINNING and fix control problems instead of waiting 2-3 years to find costly mistakes after the fact. SIGIR (Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction) mostly looks at older programs to get headlines, They didn't review front end systems at the beginning of Iraq reconstruction spending. I know - I was there in Iraq 2004-2006.
Vance Jochim
Former Chief Auditor for the US advisory group to the Iraqi Commission of Public Integrity.

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