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Sep 17, 2008



The procurement system isn't broken. You get exactly what you pay for. You pay defense contractors for process and they give you process. They give you lots and lots of process. The Air Force doesn't have a problem with this means of doing business because sitting behind a desk for 25 years watching the F-22 being developed beats the heck out of sitting at a station in some God forsaken desert somewhere getting shot at. You also don't hear those DCMA pukes complaining since most of them would be flipping burgers somewhere if they didn't have these contracts to leach off of. Congressmen steer money into their districts. Defense contractors get rich. Everyone is happy. I guess we need to have a witch hunt every now and then otherwise the taxpayer might get wise to what's really going on. Ok, go ahead, let's have another congressional committee waste some more money. Why not? Anything to keep the current system in place. After all, we can never hire to many bureaucrats. We can never drag a program out too long. Let's keep paying for process instead of results. It's worked so well up to now, why change?

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