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Sep 12, 2008


KSBR broken

Possibly inspired by the whoppers told by S. Palin, colleague Axel in the comment below, third paragraph, came in with a whopping 225-word sentence. Scientists at NASA are charting its structure now, as the proportions are truly intergalactic. Please note that the scientists are contractors, but are working entirely within the wasteful SOW of a contractor owned by a big PE firm. Not to worry.


Dear Readers, 9/12/2008

Briefly and frustratedly and again and obiously I and I would presume all reasonable and knowledgeable persons would agree with my/our frustrations, especially with the dillegent, painstaking and determined efforts that I and the many well recognized Individuals and especially Whistleblowers with the highest of Integrity, Fidelity and Dignity and the well recognized and respected and regarded Individuals at POGO, NWC and GAP with highest of acknowledged commendable expertise have applied and continue to apply with continued superb and excellent, proper and forhtright due dillegence towards Oversight and Accountability and for the benefit for and of all and especially towards and within the proper and forthright respect and regard towards and within our US Constitution, US Democracy and within and towards our US Legal System and Laws.

Briefly and as also an important follow-up, please note that it again appears from Senator Lieberman recent DCAA Hearing on 9/11/2008 statement from my memeory of the previous blog 'This is the exact Committee where this matter belongs'. Please note that this US Senate Ethics and Good Government Committee is the exact same Committee where the Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Act has been seemingly and endlessly stalled and in subtrefuge in this exact US Senate Ethics and Good Government Committee FOR OVER 5 YEARS!!??!! and within my direct communication with the US Senate Judicary Committee Chairman(s) and Members Kennedy, Fienstien and Grassely AND FOR OVER 5 YEARS and other US Legislatures!! Also public media has broadcast well recognized prominent US Constitutional Lawyers and have stated conclusively to my recollection that US Supreme Court Justice Scalia and possibly others have rendered decisions and/or opinions and/or statements that are completely treasonous, traitorous, patricidal and anti-democratic. It appears to me that these US Senate Committees have an obligation to respond to their seemingly deliberate and/or criminal negligence and/or malfeasance and/or subterfuge within the recent decade.

Briefly, please note that in my view and within my effort to be and remain a proper and forthright advocate towards the endeavors of the NWC, GAP and POGO that I am mentioning that there is concern and that again I ask all to review and consider to more communicably communicate with me to properly protect and preserve our great efforts as it continues to remain clear that htere is no passage of the Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Act especially with the absolutely necessary full Federal Court access and with Jury Trials, full Federal Circuit Appellate Court access and with the CIA, FBI and all other US Intelligence Agencies inclusion and their have been no Impeachments and their have been no efforts to the nihilistic deranged despotic maniacal attack on our US Constitution, Democracy and rarely the necessary proper and forthright interpretation towards and on behalf of the proper and forthright interpretation and application of our Laws and Legal System and only the Corruption, Destruction and appallingly Comprimised US Legal System seemingly for political expediency to replace merit which seemingly appear to suggest a further decent towards nihilism and without the forthright and proper respect and regard that is required and mandated towards the proper and forthright respect and regard towards our US Constitution, US Democracy and Legal System and laws within our great Country.

Briefly and finally I am offering my assistance, especially for communication as to discuss if we are able to find a lawyer to assist me in filing the necessary and/or additrional papers with the US Attorney Office or any proper and appropriate US Legal Entityn that we all approve so as to protect, serve and preserve our Great Country, US Constitution, Democracy and Legal System and Laws.

In view of the recent and ongoing endeavors and developements or lack thereof and continuing frustrations, I thought it worthwhile for me to as best and hurriedly as possible to try to again further impose and communicate some expression for review and consideration within what I conclude to be in our and the best interest of all.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.



Danielle, think about the culture of the senior career lawyers at the DOJ. Many work for DOJ for the wrong reasons there, and because of this they live in fear by standing up for what is right. This means they deplore any form of ethics. Hence they espouse the belief that it is politically safe to go after a whistleblower instead of corrupt senior-level bureaucrats. That is why I think no matter who is the next President, that this culture at DOJ will continue unless there is a complete shakeup of the system.

These type of DOJ lawyers have no more credibility than the legal staff of a third world nation's dictator.

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