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Aug 29, 2008


Lars Thomas Tanskanen

Although it is premature to jump into conclusions regarding motives of the officers who brought these components off the base and to their homes. However, there are more than enough violations of procedures to distinguish that something is seriously wrong with the whole security structure. How two officers can walk or drive off base with these launch components without being stopped by "double up" security checks. Then according what pr officer stated that they had signed off on documents as a confirmation to destroy these components. That is impossible to believe. These are components to the most powerful weapons on the planet and all these "security flaws" happening at nuclear weapons facilities all across the country is credibly suspicious given Sibel Edmonds accusations of the neocons and other dirty crooks apparently selling nuclear technology to enemies. There are just too many profound flaws and hard to believe that there is so much incompetence in security at these facilities.

When some extremists actually decide to blow up someplace in the US or elsewhere with a nuclear weapon it would seem that they dont have to buy this stuff just go to the nearest nuke shop in the US and help themselves. We once took pride in out beating the Russians in many things but nuke security flaws should not be one of them.

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