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Aug 02, 2008



Dear Readers, August 4, 2008

TPM Muckraker has recently posted in an Anthrax referenced Article of interest and that if the allegations from the responses are able to be substantiated there would presumably allow and/or demand significant consideration for the immediate return from recess of our US Senatorial and Congressional Legislatures and for the immediate and possibly and/or seemingly to allow additional and further consideration towards the recent US Congressional Judiciary Hearing entitled 'Executive Powers and Its Constitutional Limitations" if the allegations and expected investigations are substantiated.

Please note that in one of my previous comment replies I mentioned it was seemingly worthwhile, imperative and necessary and/or implied that it was my hope the US Congressional Judiciary Committee would not recess in September in reference to their most important hearing in recent memory 'Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations' and I ment to state that they should hopefully not recess for the August/September Recess until this most important matter reached a resolve and/or a timely continuing endeavor thereof.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


Jim Bean

In addition to Ivins I wonder who el$e would benefit by frightening the public?

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