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Aug 05, 2008


LANL Insider

People are afraid at LANL. And yes, it's true that auditors especially are at risk if they report anything considered an embarassment to management. The only thing LANL management may fear is a Congressional hearing now and again, but just barely since rarely will anything substantive come of it. And people know this. They understand that LANL is isolated from the Beltway and the rest of the world and, as a result, largely an island unto itself. In reality there is little chance of anyone or anything holding LANL managers accountable for much of anything, least of all auditors reporting anything of significance. They'll just shoot the messenger and go back to business as usual. This is what it's like at LANL. This is what it's like on the inside. DARHT is just the latest cost overrun to come to surface. There are others. There will be more.

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