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Jul 31, 2008



Dear Readers, July 31, 2008

As the Honorable Congressman Waxman is on the list of mail recipients, I thought it should be mentioned that this same Committee recently funded the OSC when it was clearly apparent they could not get Mr. Bloch to swear in, and as was stated could therefore where apparently not able to call other, as implied crucial significant and relevant witness Testimony. How in this world are 'We the People' going to be able to appropriatly and forthrightly going to be able to support our Democracy and US Constitution when our Congressional Leadership refuses to allow the mandate of our US Constitution within our Democracy to proceed with the exercise of Impeachment proceeding and implementation endeavors to proceed unincumbered and also by seemingly implied false allegations and summations to prevent and/or inhibit and/or delay the Impeachment process? How are 'We the People' going to uphold the endeavors towards proper and forthright Oversight and Accountability and in reference to the seemingly alleged Illegal Iraq War and another logistical ground area of peaceful and prosperous people uprooted and displaced in unlivable and disease ridden poverty, Torture, Fisa illegal wiretaps, apparent Hatch Act violations, habeas corpus disinigration attempts, serious Geneva Convention and other Treaty Violations, seemingly overwhelming Privatization and Contractor abuses, Billions of Dollars of the US Treasury Currency flown to Iraq an distributed with no accountability or explanation from then Federal Reserve Chairman other than I was a originally a Musician and many other alleged High Crimes and Misdeamoners.

Again, as all should well know on July 25, 2008 our Us Congressional Judiciary held a 5+ hour non-stop hearing in efforts to save our US Constitution ( and Democracy)from further and/or seemingly complete disintigration. Seemingly, as all may well know and/or surmise that the last remaining hope to save our US Constitution and Democracy and allow the truth and/or thruthful endeavors to be heard is to allow for a immediate Impeachment exercise and implementation to proceed.

Thank you Readers for allowing me to vent my frustrations and as I thought it timely to respond as to allow for some consideration to be mentioned in view of the importance of the recent developments within the 7/25/2008 of our US Congressional Judiciary Committee and this the last day of this Committee to accept additional submissons in reference to their most important hearing within memory ' Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations' on 7/25/2008 and this Committee obligation and mandate towards the Impeachment process excercise and implementation endeavors, that I thought it would be prudent for me to mention what I have written to hopefully allow for consideration that this US Congress will not adjourn in September 2008 until this matter within this hearing is resolved.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


Ken Huffman

Bravo POGO - a final report from IG Mcfarland on his OSC investigation is two years overdue. This OPM IG, like so many others, is not accustomed to having to produce outside of it's comfort zone. It should be interesting since criminal investigator Mcfarland has exactly one individual on staff (his personal counsel) capable of producing an erudite product under such scrutiny. Ironically, Mcfarland had to rely on this same individual in 1990 to conduct an investigation and respond to an angry congress. In that instance, congress became so enraged with the lack of product quality and credibility that the IG could have lost his job if President Bush '41 hadn't intervened to neutralize the issue at hand. Perhaps history will be repeated. If a product is forthcoming at all, your apt to see weasel wording like you've never experienced. Good luck and good reading.

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