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Jul 18, 2008


I'd like our dignitaries to fly the same way our soldiers do. And people wonder how command gets out of touch.


Would you have our dignitaries fly on a cargo plane like the rest of the cargo. You can put them on a pallet and attach them with tiedown rings. Or secure them with safety nets. A safety requirement for loose cargo
It is a lot less espensive than flying their own planes when they fly in a cargo plane with cargo already headed somewhere. Kill two birds with one stone.



Wow. Is this the end result of the "culture of the fighter pilots"? Elitism, predatory careerism, neglect of our nuclear forces...Gen Schwartz, please save us.


Hey Nick! Your story rocks. Have you seen the comments on the Washington Post's website about this? People are lighting it up. Let's hope their outrage doesn't pass with the weekend.

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