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Jul 28, 2008


Philadelphia Fraud Lawyer

I wouldn't live in Iraq if they were offering to make me a millionaire.

KSBR focus

Ray Honc,

Have not heard or sensed that people thought the Parsons building site was safe or convenient.
The point for P and other contractors is: don't guess at security, supply chain, labor market, etc. Parsons could have no-bid the work. Were they just going to wing it and expect Uncle Sugar to bail them out?
Parsons evidently made this mistake over and over in Iraq--the police academy, all the health clinics that were botched or never built, etc.
If they lose money or find their reputation damaged, they were the cause, not the government or the Iraqis. If P were publicly owned, top management would have been sacked long ago.

Ray Honc

I really haven't heard of many people volunteering to go to work there. The pay is reportedly great. I was in the military in the late 60's, and I would not go overseas to work in Iraq no matter how much I was paid. You can tell from the photos the place is another isolated oasis without the water and palm trees. I guess everyone thinks Home Depot is just around the corner where hundreds of top notch construction workers are waiting for employment. Get real.

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