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Jul 17, 2008


Bill Hozier

I would wait after January 20, 2009 to go after Bloch. That way there is no way that Bush pardons Bloch. With all of this Machiavelli manuevers and smokescreens, I would not rule out that there is a backup plan to pardon Bloch.

Ken Huffman


Seems that Danielle is jumping the gun. How about waiting to read IG McFarland's "investigative report" first. Give the man a reasonable chance to conclude this rigorous three year plus investigation. As POGO well knows, if Mcfarland just had more INDEPENDENCE, he'd have independently and competently generated an actual product by now rather than having to piggyback the work of another agency or praying that the White House will pre-emptively resolve his dilemma. Instead of writing to Bolton, why not send encouragment to this beleaguered and insufficiently INDEPENDENT IG. If POGO can just relax, Mcfarland will eventually get to the bottom of this OSC issue at some time in the near future, perhaps after the next blue moon, or maybe in a coon's age. It's almost been too long to remember what Mcfarland was originally tasked to do. Did OMB want him to find a way to further retalliate against anonymous OSC whistleblowers? Yep, they got the right guy - just be patient POGO.

James Loy

All of these Bloch theatrics is being serruptiously orchestrated by this administration in order to add more chaos and obstructions. The administration is waiting out the clock and what better way to distract and delay than to employ these types of public drama demonstrations?

The first 100 days of the next administration will require a lot of house cleaning.

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