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Jul 24, 2008



This is just another act in the story of "Poor Nuclear Security" being played out in the National Theater of Lies.

The illegal missile and warhead transfer last August was covered up well by flogging the mainstream press in the back room. The MSM won't cover this any better than any of the other BushCheney crimes they've ignored.

Thank "Everything That Is Good" For The Internet!

Please read what Chuck Simpson has to say. As a naval missile veteran, I can tell you that what Mr. Simpson has to say about the background of this terrifying situation is true, and it is easily verifiable by you, the reader, if you choose to do so--which you should.

Over half of Americans no longer believe the official accounts of 9-11. We know about the terror alerts for politcal purposes. We know about operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the fake photos of Iraqi tanks massing at the Saudi border, the lies about babies and incubators... there is no lie and no crime these people would not stoop to, and the impoverishment of America is nothing they would avoid. The removal of our Constitutional Rights is something they conciously do. These people want to fatten their wallets and increas their power to imperial levels-- and with a smile they send Americans to their deaths to do it. They kill, maim or displace millions of innocent civilians. MILLIONS!

These people are war criminals who WOULD and WILL stage nuclear false-flag terror attacks in the USA to keep and increase their power. The only thing we can do to stop it is to expose it.

Please tell others how last August, airmen were being murdered, so they leaked the Minot-Barksdale information to military newspapers. Show others Chuck Simpson's writing and ask them to check it out for themselves.

This is not the plot of some thriller novel. Someone has a shadow chain of command that can move nukes illegally. BushCo pooh-poohs it. Even former General Wesley Clark pooh-poohed it to my face when I asked him about it. The media won't touch it, including public radio and teevee.

It's up to us. Do your part. Read and pass along this information and we might not get nuked.

Ken Huffman

"Professionals"? - If they set the IQ eligibility that low, you'll not only dodge the draft but also miss your Section 8 discharge.


So much for the "all volunteer" army! This will only improve when :

1. The draft returns requiring people with IQs above 46 to serve.

2. The selection process for the officer corps excludes losers like McCain who get in for two reasons :

a. They are "legacies". ("Daddy" did, so I get one also.)
b. They like dressing up like "tin soldiers" from some latin American dictatorship country.

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