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Jul 14, 2008



Overall this Article has my vote of confidence and especially the hopeful inference and/or reference that there are hopefully better days to follow within the future.

Still a Stuart Bowen fan

If it wasn't for Stuart Bowen, we wouldn't have a clue as to the extent of corruption in Iraq. A fair number of people would be delighted to see Bowen discredited and I refuse to get worked up about charges of "reported" abuse of overtime based on 'insider" information.

KSBR disgusted

Ms. Lumpkin,

Do you at POGO really want to make the presence or absence of "j'accuse!" your standard of probity? Em?

Where is your sense for due process and fairness? Ready, fire, aim, eh?

Sounds like pretty bad judgment. POGO shouldn't have to stoop so low to score points. Try again, or better yet, omit this criteria from the search for supportable conclusion on who's been bad and who's been good.

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