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Jul 31, 2008


KSBR disgusted

I realize now there's ambiguity in my post. I truly mean that FCW went out of its way to be friendly, criticizing the GSA IG and Grassley and Waxman for any criticism of her majesty.
She left a trail of tears and unfulfilled promises in her wake.
Now we see FCW is in love with the nomination of Williams for GSA administrator. Jim's a good guy, but FCW wants to turn its blinders on the facts of the Sun matter and won't even deal with the continued plunge of DHS's USVISIT program on Williams' watch. Why not dig for some news once in a while, fellas?


As an SES who had the misfortune to deal with her, I can say that she put her agenda ahead of good government. We presented her with a plan to save billions of dollars, but it required moving 4-6 staff from other agencies to GSA to actually do the leadership and staffing work to help agencies achieve the goals. She did not question the program or plan - she merely turned it down saying "I didn't come to hire staff."

She was among the most rude of all the people I have ever met. She insisted on talking only to other politicals, made her total disdain of all career staff clear from day one. Many political appointees have been highly successful in leading career staff, just by treating them like normal human beings. She had to work hard to treat them so bad that they turned on her like they did. So if she is going to talk about leadership, everyone should pay close attention and then do the opposite. Or maybe the GSA staffer was right "she tells a good story".

KSBR disgusted

Against hot competition, Doan was one the absolute worst agency leaders that Bush appointed. Incompetent and political to a fault. Scared people with her darting mind and frequent craziness. Made no friends outside of GSA, including predictably, in the editorial suite at Federal Computer Week, which issued last Monday a fond soliloquy about her, but also wondered why the fascination with this unscrupulous, lying-to-Congress vamp. Many civil servants and companies breathed a sigh of relief when she left. FedNews radio takes itself down a peg or two by having Doan in their lineup.

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