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Jul 21, 2008


Joe - In 13 years with a PAS IG, 8 of those as an Asst. Insp. Genl., I concluded that IG's were generally hostile toward anyone disclosing wrongdoing in govt., most particularly within their own ranks. There was a constant state of persecution and reprisal toward any OPM OIG employee expressing the least concern about the integrity or effectiveness of IG operations and policy from 1990 until I retired in 2003. There was a deliberate and systematic strategy for stifling dissent. Through my associations with other AIG's for Evaluation and Inspection, it was evident that such an approach toward dissent was common in the IG community. Further, the PCIE is little more than an old boy network of IG's and their sycophants watching each others backs. If I appear to support more INDEPENDENCE for Mcfarland or any PAS IG as promoted by POGO and Congress, then my feeble attempts at sarcasm failed miserably. Most PAS IG's don't need more independence; it is amply provided by current statute. Rather, IG's need change in four critical areas: Congress needs to mandate, 1) an interdisciplinary focus for agency program oversight that breaks the present strangle hold of accountancy on IG audit functions; 2) discrete IG performance and accountability standards that go considerably beyond submission of often deceptive and self promoting semi-annual IG reports to congress; 3) more rigorous IG selection criteria that require individual professional accomplishments of nominees to be closely scrutinized prior to confirmation (this is a context in which the boldness and independent nature of the candidate can best be assessed); and, 4) rigid term limits or re-appointment and re-confirmation criteria to preclude IG candidates from anticipating a long, lucrative, and lazy second career in govt.

KSBR intensive

Earth to Ken Huffman: why act like a malcontent and over-the-hill guy when you, at times, have something to contribute? why on earth would you call the providers of those pictures of worn out seats "scumbag whistleblowers"? Please don't kick your cat, too. Thanks, and have a nice day, fella.


Ken, do you think that the pseduo-apolitical IG's think that whistleblowers are scumbags? Answer Yes or no, and explain why you answered yes or no. Your previous post at http://pogoblog.typepad.com/pogo/2008/07/office-of-speci.html stated that McFarland needs more INDEPENDENCE. So do you think the IG's are not independent enough?

Ken Huffman

According to POGO, DOD IG investigators may not have enough INDEPENDENCE to properly track down the scumbag whistleblowers who provided these photos.

Dale Gabeli

Do you realize in the minds of the executive decision makers (career/pseudo-nonpolitical, and political) that the response to this blog would be "so what"? If POGO doesn't already, when will POGO realize that the axiom "Rank has its privileges" is omnipresent in all circles of federal government? You can expect the DOD executives to send out the career stooges (i.e. IG investigators) to find out who leaked these photos of the airplane seats.

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