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Jul 28, 2008



I think the only way Scott Bloch is going to leave is if it is in handcuffs or the executive branch tells him his services are no longer needed. Think about it. He didn't graduate from a top law school, and he has a tarnished reputation. He is currently making about $150,000 per year. We don't know how much employable he is outside the Bush administration. Granted, given the recent news about the DOJ hiring career employees, he would probably be on top of the list if he was going to apply for a career prosecutor position. However given his publicity, that doesn't appear likely. So he has nothing to do than to hope that he can remain in office up to 1 year after his term expiration date (i.e., early January 2009).


Dear Readers, July 28, 2008

As all may well know that on July 25, 2008 the Us Congressional Judiciary Comittee held a 5+ hour publically broadcasted to some extent Hearing entitled 'Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations'. I am hoping this hearing will be made public in the archives as especially as to my recollection it was mentioned that this was the most important Hearing within memory and that was recollected by some member(s) in one manner or another.

Please note that the Impeachment of members of the Executive Branch and others appeared to have the unanimous support as the final, only and/or most appropriate and most likely only remedy available remedy at this time to comply with our US Constitution.

Please note that the Impeachment exercise and implementation action that will hopefully take place in the near future. Also, in my opinion would also bring to an immediate halt the secrecy and ill-advised and implemented Presidential pardons. Please note and that if I remember correctly that to my recollection the Honorable Ms. Holtzman mentioned something to the effect that pardons with murder involved are not viable pardons and prohibited. I have recently e-mailed Ms. Holtzman and requested that she ammend her Question and Answer portion of this Hearing as to my recollection a Security Guard lost his life (murdered) within the former Presidential Pardon by President Gerald Ford within the President Nixon resignation. I had as best as I was able with verbal and written material to US Government Agencies requesting the Pardon not take place. In my view Oversight and Accountability alone and especially towards our great Country, Constitution and Democracy are absolutely (and without the loss of life) paramount considerations that should also negate a Presidential Pardon and especially if it holds improper and/or undue secrecy and also as especially redemptions, resolves and restitutions that must take place.

Also as POGO has my contact information and should this e-mail be able to be of assistance to this US Congressional Judiciary Committee within the 5 day limit to enter additional material within this hearing, please do so and/or contact me within the timely allocation that was extended from this US Congressional Judiciary Committee.

Again, thank you and all at POGO for your continued superb and excellent, patient and tolerant, time and consideration on behalf of all and our continuing endeavors towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all within our great Country, Democracy and Laws and with the best possible respect and regards towards God, Man, Country and Religon.

Best wishes and good luck within your continuing endeavors.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


Beverley, you wrote charade, but I think you meant parade.

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