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Jun 05, 2008


Slate Levy

We have the same problems in Canada, except we have a bigger government. I used DRC (badreferences.com) to catch my ex-supervisor slandering me to potential employers. I believe they are headquartered in the U.S.

I used my report to resolve my dispute with my employer.
I couldn't find a government agency to solve the problem. Sometimes the best answer is in the private sector.

Henrik Langhjelm


I am pleased to see POGO taking an affirmative stance on the issue of whistleblower rights; It's a tough issue.

For myself, the whistleblower issue is a personal one, having blown the whistle on a federal agency (The US Navy). As a result, I am now and have been effectively blackballed for over 11 1/2 years. In fact, I couldn't obtain a job flushing toilets at McDonald's. I know because I've tried.

Prior to doing what my position description required of me as a GS-12 Industrial Planning Specialist, I was looked upon as an exemplary employee.

I have posted a copy of a letter I wrote (Below) sometime ago to an attorney seeking help. The response was (as has been from every attorney I have tried over 11 years), they do not have the resources to bring suit against the federal government. The following letter demonstrates my concerns:

January 20, 2004

Henrik F. Langhjelm
160 NE Anchor Drive
Belfair, WA 98528
(360) 275-9286-Home
(360) 471-1663-Cell

Netzel & Associates, PC
55 West Wacker Drive
Suite 801 Chicago, IL 60601


During my exhaustive search to find representation I came upon your website. I am seeking an attorney to represent me in a civil suit against my former employer and any individual whom have been involved in activities that have interfered with my long-term search for reasonable employment.

Does your firm assist or represent individuals that blow the whistle on a federal agency, more specifically the U.S. Navy?

My problems first began while employed as an Industrial Planning Specialist, on the staff of a U.S. Naval Captain tasked with corporate level responsibility in the pre-planning and execution of nuclear submarine and surface combatant overhaul, and ship-breaking. In this position I discovered countless violations of regulation and law regarding the exposure of employees and military service personnel to toxic airborne emissions and surface contamination from heavy metals and chemical compounds. Many employees were becoming sick, some dying.

In the course of performing my duties regarding these issues I discovered a systematic effort by the employer to undermine the ability of employees to obtain injury compensation benefits, as well as other inappropriate activities involving the Civil Service Retirement System. As a result of making various protected disclosures regarding these issues I was forced to resign under duress. My resignation took place after suffering 1 ½ years of convenient pay problems, many threats, and later being baited to resign with a monetary incentive offer, which I later found came from the very contributions I made into my own retirement account, thus completely killing any chance for possible reinstatement W/O first paying back the very money that was removed from my account.

Later, I won numerous citations against the U.S. Navy through the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), proving the problems that resulted in my protective disclosures initially. This establishes motive for the interference in my employment searches, and the many other activities against my person resulting in my difficulties over the years in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, or better stated, a livelihood. If I am correct, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, Executive Order 12196, 29 USC-Occupational Safety and Health Act, 5 USC-section 2302 (b)(8) and (9), as well as many other provisions of regulation and law prohibit such activities against a federal employee. However, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining help whatsoever. I performed my duty and paid a dear price.

Recently, I received a document from a company I hired (Documented Reference Check, DRC) to see what responses my former employer was providing to prospective employers regarding employment verification checks. The document clearly reveals a rather clever way to interfere with my employment searches W/O specifically defaming my character; Although, I am able to demonstrate through other documents that my character has been defamed. DRC made at least 31 attempts over a 3-month period, but could not obtain any employment verification whatsoever, just runarounds. As such, the US Navy has been effectively pushing me out of the job market. It is my understanding that a document such as the one I was provided (See attachment) by DRC has stood the test and challenges of legitimacy in cases involving the U.S. Department of Labor, up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Additionally, while pursuing my quest for justice, I discovered that scores of individuals whom had been forced out of employment were still in possession of their security badges. This discovery, despite all my efforts to inform the appropriate authorities went on def-ears until 911. It was then that I noticed that certain individuals kept showing up at any number of locations no matter where I went. The peripheral harassment that I still receive to this date (Tampering with my vehicle, calls late at night, being photographed through the window, etc.) is hard to prove; yet to sing out would only make one to appear delusional. After 9 years of this hell and all the poverty and anguish that applies to being a so-called whistleblower, I need a venue for justice and compensation.

I am extensively documented, and can provide many affidavits and materials to prove what I am discussing. I believe that a review of my materials, and an understanding of the depth and scope of my issues would reveal that I have an extremely strong case for civil suit. I am not sure of any application for Qui-Taam.

I would be honored to have an opportunity to discuss my case with you in the hope that I would obtain your representation. I look forward to your response.


Henrik F. (Hank) Langhjelm

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