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Jun 04, 2008



I am surely not a lawyer but this reads like people basically asking for very narrow guidelines if certain interrogation techniques are used against "enemy combatants" but in no such case can any military personnell be present as this would be a major violation of geneva conventions and other treaties. They go on to say that the use of such practices would most likely be perceived as the US "creating a law unto itself" creating possibly unreplaceable damage on our image abroad. Basically our president and his administration is just the kind of cowboy that we thought he was. Clearly terrorism is a problem and not just a problem unique to America. If the practices we use to control it move beyond the standards by which we have for generations upheld then who are we as Americans. This is surely not the America I was raised in and is clearly not the ideal system that the world looks favorably upon. These politicians have made America look desperate, hysterical, bullish, naive and unsophisticated. I thought our history was one of constant progress to bring this nation forward in progress to form a more perfect union. I also realize that this nation has had highs and lows in attaining its current system, and once again George W Bush has shown us just how low we can sink as Americans!

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