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May 01, 2008


My observation is that IGs are are only independent in their own minds and actions. If they take independent actions contrary to management's wishes they are dealt with. Other IGs take the easy road and don't "rock the boat", which can be contrary to their intended purpose. The proposed legislation is a joke. It will do nothing to cure the independence issue. Giving IGs a big pay raise won't make them more independent. In some instances it will be more of a waste of tax payers money. Reporting to Congress will do nothing to protect an IG's independence, unless Congress has the power and will to do something about it.

Ken Huffman

This is the same jibber jabber that's been going on in the IG community for 20 years - nothing ever changes. The taxpayer is still getting hosed.

great blog

Connie the Contractor

This is the very best blog entry ever posted by a POGO staffer. Beverley Lumpkin is national treasure. This posting should be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.

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