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May 06, 2008


Laser Haas

This does not surprise us. For years we have received no answer from the OIG, except to go to the GC of the EOUST and the local US Attorney or OSC's office.
Problem was the GC of the EOUST apparently had a vested interest in killing any investigation and the Delaware US ATtorney was a partner with the law firm that had confessed to filing false affidavits.
After we reported the issues to the US Attorney in CA, by an Official Complaint, that resulted in the dismantling of the Public Corruption Unit and threats against career prosecutors.
After the FBI reached out to us to verify the connections, the FBI raided the OSC"s office
Destroying whistle blower documents against Government personnel.
When the OIG protocol invariably points to seeking answers from esteemed Trusted public servants who are of a high level and have a vested interest in the outcome, how can the OIG get anything done?

Even the FBI agent said to me, "if you understand how the system's work and you know the DOJ is seeking to bury the investigation, is it not a futile effort for the FBI to waste limited public resources only to hand the case over to the DOJ and watch it get buried"?

My response to him was two fold.

One, sad, but truly viable, is your reflection.

If you do not pass the case up the ladder to at least effort a try to halt the mendacity, I would hope you would resign tomorrow, to allow the chance of someone else to come in with more idealistic hopes that the system can be changed
Anything that would invariably wind up on the pathway of questionable practices of the DOJ, the US Sup is going to avoid with a ten foot pole. The decision not to hear the case has to be that they would reach the conclusion that the end result would be the same. What ever happened to the Kay S case before the Supreme Court? Things are getting hairy out there for the RING's that have enjoyed the ability to abuse the process for some time now. One can only hope that the new face on the WH lawn will assure a more note worthy DOJ and a push towards greater efforts on Integrity.
Stand up and fight for your American way of life

Edward Block

For who the whistle blows? I'm surprised whistleblowers aren't extinct by now. The truth will set you free...from your job. I think there should be a whistleblower's Hall of Fame in Washington. They are today's gladiators in the coliseum of public opinion. Thumbs up or thumbs down America? Oh, look what they did to that one. It is truly the only reality show to watch where the participants lose their jobs, their good names, their self respect, and occasionally their lives. Their crimes? Public safety, gross mismanagement, abuse of authority. What crime are you guilty of America, apathy?


Dear Readers, 5/7/2008

I intended to not respond to this Article, although in response and in narrow context and in my opinion to the last nine words and ? from Mr. Huffman....'professional integrity and accountability and honest oversight by congress?...'. In my view and opinion that without immediate full and complete, uncoerced and truthfully intended Accountability and/or immediate empeachment process of our Executive, Judicial and Legislative leaders and representatives where applicable that there appears to be insufficient, little or no professional integrity and accountability and honest oversight by congress. Although, please note that I highly appreciate all good efforts that may be accorded the Congressional Oversight Committee and the Federal Bureau of Investigations for their valuable efforts to support our Democracy with their individual continuing process within this Investigation. Also as this POGO website is an advocate of the TP Muckraker website, I also recommend this website for further review on this OSC item which include blog articles and responses which include many allegations and articles in reference to Washington, DC and recent comments to the OSC, Lurita Doan, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and something about the OSC halting a Hatch Act Violation Investigation against Secretary of State Condolesa Rice.

Please note that although I have not read of the reasons why Supreme court Justice Breyer has changed his views and is now against the death penalty, I am proud that he has as the US enactment of the death penalty is against all reasonable and proper Law and Democracy, without merit to God, Man and Country and within all interpretations thereof that could easily be interpreted by reasonable and just individuals. Also it is with sadness that i note that Democratic Chairman, Lawyer and Doctor Howard Dean and Presidential Nominee Hiliray Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore have continued to not find their own salvation and redemption and continue to support this henious act of the US Death Penalty in clear violation of proper interpretation, respect and regard of Law, Democracy and Religon and in clear violation of God, Man and Country.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


Ken Huffman

The OPM Inspector General, who has " investigated" the OSC for three years without result, ruthlessly retalliated against his own whistleblowers, engaged in fraudulent and prohibited hiring practices that purposely discriminated against the hiring of military veterans, suborned fraud by having illegally hired audit employees instructed by a senior audit manager to lie on government employment applications, and rewarded rewarded the offending audit manager with promotion to the Senior Executive Service. All of this, to include the planning for issuance of phoney employment vacancies to cover the IG's fraud, was accomplished in complicity with OPM. When will the FBI be raiding OPM or are presidentially appointed IG's exempt as they are from term limits, professional integrity and accountability. and honest oversight by congress?

Would the timing of this to coincide with two states' primary polls have anything to do with anything? Who has an interest in keeping the media attention off this subject?

Didn't POGO do previous blogging on Mr. Bloch? Do you have this information conveniently together?

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