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Apr 01, 2008



Dear Readers, 5/1/2008

As you may correctly surmise I have not read or followed the recent postings of GAP, POGO and trhe NWC in almost several months. I am writing at this time in a general response to this Article with its apparent intentions from my view of good faith and with the hope of like and kind intentions to follow with this current Whistleblower legislation(s?) and/or implied resolves therof + and/or = [decades (thereof)].

Please note that I continue to remain firm on my views, resolves and especially those of which I have responded to on this POGO website for over three years. Also, please note that I continue to share in the sadness with those who would appear to agree with me and especially in my many mentions of our Executive, Judicial and Legislative deliberate complete faliure and/or most likely heniously corrupt and intentional deliberate manner more compliant with high crimes and mideamoners than to act in a manner more appropriate with true and proper interpretation of our Laws and Democracy with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all and with the best possible respect and regard to and for God, Man and Country.

Also, please not that even though I have a high regard and appreciation for these excellent and superlative Organizations of the NWC, GAP and POGO, I remain perplexed at best and saddened that these Organizations and others have not taken a seemingly more appropriate acknowledgement for my efforts and especially as my writings and allegations are in my opinion reasonable and as would be presumed by a reasonable person and in my opinion and as that of others and all recocognized Democratic Nations.

In closing, I share in all the intent of best wishes within these NWC, GAP and POGO Organizations and hope they will continue with the exercise of the intent to proper resolves, reconciliations and judgement where applicable and give a renewed and/or additiional effort to more notably communicate with me and especially in my efforts in a more Representative manner that in my opinion that I correctly presume is needed and would be expected by a reasonable person and all as I have for years and decades, as available in a limited manner previously described.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


C Yee

I'm with you on this one. I've run several articles highlighting the same issue.

I have mixed emotions about telling people that whistleblowers have won. In both of these cases, all they "won" is the right to go back and start the legal process all over again.

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