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Apr 21, 2008



" Inspectors General activities in 2007 saved taxpayers 16.5 billion". Really? What don't you and POGO understand about the difference between "recommendations agreed to by management: questioned costs" (4 billion) and "recommendations agreed to by management: funds for better use" (7 billion)? The latter amount refers to IG recommendations for POTENTIAL savings by agency management. That's IG speak for program savings that might, could, but probably won't be realized since many agency managers don't follow through, and many IG's don't follow up, on implementation of recommendations.

So Scott, if you subtract 7 billion from the purported 16.5 billion in taxpayer savings, you get something approximating a real dollar return. I'll say this for you and POGO -at least you read the PCIE/ECIE report. That's more than 99 percent of congress cares to do with such IG puff pieces unless they need to drag out some fictional number for a speech to constituents.

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