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Mar 18, 2008


Stanislav Yubetas

unfortunately, corporations in the U.S. now have so much power that if a whistle-blower comes forward with information for whatever reason, they get so seriously retaliated against that when some of the documentary evidence they need to press for a lawsuit to protect lives or to prevent the reckless endangerment of the military personnnel in some cases who have to use the garbage built by scumball companies like Boeing, and other beltway bandits, they face the full retaliatory force of both the company doing the WRONGDOING and the U.S. federal government itself in some cases.

in time this will ultimately lead to many people who would have come forward to report not just wrong-doing but criminality within corporations, to quietly tender resignations and leave, before the company gets wind of the fact they know of the wrongdoing or criminality.

years ago the U.S. had decent whistle-blower protection laws but those laws often lacked the necessary teeth that would make real penalties stick when a corporation does something that endangers the public or fraudulently sells hazardous garbage to the military. In either case, the whistle-blower is likely to be burnt to a crisp and wrongfully terminated and then prosecuted by scumball companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin and other beltway bandits.

It's tragic that in the year 2012, a whistle-blower gets treated worse than a pedophile or mass murderer, when their employers are truly the ones guilty in most cases of really
heinous acts of wrongdoing and fraud.

Profit trumps ethics every time. Every single time.

G.F. Scott

Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman, went to court this week to fight for his freedom. It appears the Boeing Company is highly concerned about having this case be legitimately treated like the whistleblower case that it is. Whistleblowers have some rights; whistleblowers have laws and protections and are not to be subjected to retaliation and acts of retribution, which Mr. Eastman most clearly has had to endure. The Boeing Company is trying to define Mr. Eastman as a common criminal rather than the whistleblower with laws and protections behind him that he has a right to expect will be respected. And Boeing has the influence to take the ridiculous and improbable and make it happen. A very cozy relationship between Boeing and the King County Prosecutor's Office appears to be making this case quite odiferous. So far the quickly appointed judge has disallowed all of the evidence and circumstances portraying the bigger picture and true motivation behind Mr. Eastman’s case, helping Boeing to trivialize and minimize it's importance for the good of the whole, and try to bury it (and Mr. Eastman) under a cloud of smog.

It appears the lead prosecutor owes Boeing a great deal due to donations made to his election campaign funds. This should be investigated as a BIG conflict of interest. Quid Pro Quo arrangements are not on the list of approved relationships between industry and government, particularly oversight and law enforcement.

The judge also ruled not to allow Sarbanes-Oxley protections as well, violating Mr. Eastman's rights, as a whistleblower. Boeing has listed tens of charges, hoping to make some stick. Insiders say that the company is using him as their BIG example to further terrify their own employees and dissuade them from talking to anyone, even government investigators who are trying to investigate various charges of wrong doing in any of the many open investigations being conducted by a number of three and four letter acronym agencies at this time.

There are reasons why a whistleblower might end up on Boeing's hit list. What if as a loyal employee you realize some things are going very wrong, so wrong in fact that the public's safety is at risk. What if you go up every level in your own corporate command chain trying to get the company to fix the problems and clean up their act but are met with disdain, hostility, and are ignored at best, and attacked and set up to be destroyed at worst. What if seeing there is no hope even at the highest levels in your company for justice and responsible action? Then you go to the government oversight agencies, like Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). What if they also turn a deaf ear and are so caught up in a corrupt and cozy relationship with your employer that there is no hope for justice and a resolution there either? Then you to the FAA's oversight agency/watchdog, Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General. And if you also encounter cover-ups and refusal to take serious matters seriously due to political contamination of the oversight process? (Recall the whole Attorney General mess recently and perpetually in the news?) Then you may resort in desperation to going to the media. Someone who works for a different defense contractor once told me that the only way to get them (the company) to take any kind of positive action to clean up corruption in their own nest was to embarrass the heck out of them.

It seems Boeing has a lot of influence, too much influence. Some quality investigation is warranted. And this railroad ride, the retaliation against Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman, must be stopped. If there is anyone still clean and with enough integrity left, they should be thoroughly investigating this, looking deeper into the business practices of The Boeing Company, and its relationships with government oversight agencies and it’s revolving door participants. And that is scrutiny The Boeing Company most certainly does not want.

I commend POGO on it's work. To get more information about out what is going on, visit Mr. Eastman's site: www.thelastinspector.com
and whistleblower support sites such as: http://whistleblowersupporter.typepad.com


The only difference between these Seattle Democrats getting "donations" from Boeing and the corporatist Republicans is that the Democrats pretend not to be influenced by big business. Hence, there is a dangerous facade that the Democrats are our savior against the wrongdoings of big corporations like Boeing.

It is no coincidence that the number one issue on the minds of the voters in the last round of Democrat primary voting is "CHANGE". But how can you "CHANGE" a system that is so embedded with hard and soft corruption within the ranks of both parties, as well as within the "apolitical" career bureaucrats?

G. Florence Scott

Good post Mr. Schwellenbach. I am very concerned that it appears that the Boeing Company is having undue influence on the legal and "justice" system in Washington State. I have been told that Boeing has made a number of contributions to the campaigns of officials in the King County Prosecutor's office and other places. This looks like a case of payback. There is entirely too much quid pro quo activity going on nearly everywhere and this appears to be more of the same. This whole situation is unacceptable. Mr. Eastman deserves fair justice as does everyone in this country. It is my opinion that an investigation must be opened in to the Boeing Company's lobbying and influencing by way of giving campaign contributions and other considerations to those they hope to use to attain their political goals or legal goals at a later date. This is another fine mess that begs to be clean up and cleaned out.


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