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Mar 19, 2008



Granted they are in a residential are. Biut remember everything moved in around the job site. I work at a similiar site and we have a pc head of security. They got rid of our weapons and opened up the roads so it dosen't inconvenience the employees. So anyone can drive up to and over the site and no one is suppossed to bother them. Which do you want open or some measure to stop someone from getting in. ps the gattlins are usually from c wis systems fro air defense.

Ralph Hutchison

I'm guessing what the article meant to say was that Los Alamos is the only facility with weapons-grade PLUTONIUM in a residential neighborhood. Because of their excellent work on Oak Ridge in the past, POGO knows the Y12 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee has hundreds of tons of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium and is situated less than two miles from the residential community of Scarboro; virtually the entire city of Oak Ridge is within five miles of the plant, and Knoxville is only 18 miles away.

William Fargo

I find this interesting in that a federal register entry some time ago (I was surprised it was put out for public consumption considering what I thought were some national security concerns) stated that there was a planned consolidation of weapons grade plutonium at the Savannah River facility where it could be more adequately safeguarded. The theory being, I think, that a number of disparate locations for the plutonium was a higher security risk than an all in one facility policy. What is the training level and experience of these private guards I wonder? Finally, I can't understand the citizens of SF putting up with this situation.

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