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Mar 07, 2008



Many excellent points about Boeing's past illegal activity, but ...

There are some worrisome connections with EADS and Airbus and Mr. McCain. The McCain campaign has just "announced [March 7th] that former Texas Representative Tom Loeffler will join Senator McCain's team and serve as a general co-chair."

I understand that the Loeffler Group, was paid $220,000 to lobby by EADS for the tanker program.



will alibrandi

The comment about a lot of US jobs being lost is nonsense. Northrop Grumman will assemble the KC-45A at a new facility in Mobile AL, and many components on that aircraft will come from US companies. Many US jobs will be created by this award - they just won't be in Everett WA.

Whether or not the USAF needs new tankers vs upgrading the existing KC-135 fleet is another issue, but please do a bit more research before you post inaccurate information.


Anyone vaguely familiar with the political career of John McCain knows about the “Keating Five” scandal. For those not clear on the specifics, we’ll do a quick review:

In the midst of the savings and loan implosion of the 80s, federal auditors begin investigating the practices of S&L magnate Charles Keating.
McCain, along with four other Senators, meets with Keating to discuss ways to derail the investigation.
McCain and his colleagues meet with Ed Gray, the chairman of the regulatory board, and persuade him to delay seizing the S&L.
Two years later, regulators finally have to seize the S&L for a federal bailout, costing taxpayers $2.6 billion. In the meantime, 17,000 investors in Keating’s S&L lose $190 million.
For someone with a stainless “reform” halo, McCain looks pretty dirty here. So, what does the “straight-talker” do? Take responsibility? Apologize?


It isn't the democrats alone. Listen to a recording of Murtha's hearing, where Sue Payton was roasted by republithugs and democrats alike. Almost all of them ignorant of the requirements process, RFP, Buy American act, and the negotiations process. It was Congress at its worst--a bunch of ignoramuses who only cared about jobs in their districts, not military need or the national interest.

The people mad at McCain are mainly republicans. People like Pelosi make knee-jerk but weak and stupid attempts to embarrass him on this.

Boeing, however, is another thing again. We have the tanker deal, SBInet, and FCS as demonstrations of their technical prowess and program management skill. And then there are all the wasteful, bungled satellite deals. I can't say it is a rogue company, but it is fair to raise serious issues about the quality of its government work. It is amazing we still trust its commercial airplanes.

Connie the Contractor

Danielle –

Once again you’ve hit a home run. Senator McCain should be given an award for his exposure of corruption in the Boeing Tanker Lease deal, as well as for his role in helping to get convictions on Jack Abramoff and David Safavian.

Members of Congress who attack Senator McCain for his efforts are the enablers of corruption in contracting. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Tom Adams

Yeah, this Boeing situation is incredible. Are the Democrats really running on a record of Pro-corruption?

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