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Mar 04, 2008


John J. Tormey III, Esq.

QR Anguilliforme Newswire/Rockland County, New York - Tuesday October 7, 2008

Sources tell Quiet Rockland that U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Mary Peters is now making preparations to brief the “new Administrator” of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In a related story, FAA promotes Ruth Leverenz to “Acting Deputy Administrator” as Internet-listed second-in-command Key Official, in anticipation of Acting Administrator Robert Allan “Bobby” Sturgell’s departure from FAA office:

For the full story, please see:


Unfortunalty, unless the public gets involved nothing will happen until that crash. then these manager will simply fade away to thier new jobs that they set up for themselves in "counsulting firms" making 600K+ a year (read former administrator) Then Sabatini announces that FAA "inspectors" won't be allowed to work in the aviation industry after they leave. I'm convinced this is to prevent then from having any competion from people with aviation experience. I have 28 years experience in aviation the last 11 years as an FAA Inspecotor. I was fired for Whistlblowing" after I discovered that my managment had falsified mine and possibly other inspector's inspection reports. (hundreds of them). Now I won't be able to go back to work in the field that I have devoted my life to, because of Sabatinis "solution" he proposed to placate Congress.
I was hired into the FAA two weeks after the ValueJet accident. I used to think that it would take another accident to make the needed changes at the FAA. I'm not so sure any more. After ValueJet the FAA could look back at the inspection records and incident reports of the airline and see that this was an accident waiting to happen. Now with ATOS, if this nation has a major aviation accident, there will be no inspection reports from the FAA to find out why.

Gene Bland

There are many whistleblowers who were constructively discharged by the now removed Mafia Don of the FAA SW Region Flight Standards Tom Stuckey. What would it take to file a Class Action lawsuit against this corrupt organization? Does FTCA and/or EAJA apply here? I've sent my testimony to Oberstar's committee and my Congressional Representative. I suffered retaliation for 10 years as a PMI at the DAL-FSDO.
I understand that the rats are now leaving the ship by reassignment to obscurity. Rep. EB Johnson asked: "What does it take to get fired form this agency?" That is a good question for a manager. However as an inspector they subject you to a retaliatory investigation by FAA Security on baseless allegations until you quit or retire.
There are many of us who's level of dedication and commitment to safety offended the cozy relationship between the Kool Aid Gang and the Airlines. Bob Crandall asserts that the FAA needs the cozy relationship to give the illusion that they are making the skies safer.
Sabatini is the architect of this illusion but the FAA is simply not investigating but a small percentage of the accidents that they used to before he took over. The FAA sticks its head in the sand and reports only what they can see....sand and BS.

John J. Tormey III, Esq.

Quiet Rockland of Rockland County, New York is enraged over the callous criminal disregard for safety and human life demonstrated by Southwest Airlines (NYSE: “LUV”) and the FAA. We call for: (1) a nationwide traveler and consumer boycott of Southwest, and (2) a federal criminal investigation of Southwest and “failed regulator” FAA to be spear-headed by the United States Attorney General and a special prosecutor.

The persons that should be flying Southwest at this point, should be only those referred by Doctor Kevorkian. Although the depraved Southwest spin-machine audaciously ‘assures’ us Southwest’s six (6) cracked-fuselage aircraft were “never a safety problem”, Southwest should tell that to the victims of the 1988 Aloha Airlines disaster. There, metal fatigue on an aging Boeing 737 caused 18 feet of fuselage to be ripped off the plane causing grievous injuries and loss of life. House Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar in his press conference Saturday, posted on “www.cspan.org”, presented detailed evidence incriminating Southwest and “Bobby” Sturgell’s failed FAA. The incriminating events occurred while “Bobby” Sturgell was Deputy Administrator and Acting Administrator of the FAA. On Saturday, Representative Oberstar thereupon rightfully excoriated the aero-perps for their long-standing “tombstone mentality”. Although criminal and morally reprehensible, and now apparent after a many-month detailed Congressional investigation, Southwest and FAA are clearly in the insalubrious business of making those tombstones happen, in addition to simply reacting to those tombstones post facto.

As recently as last year, Southwest Airlines, with the complicity of supposed federal regulator FAA, on at least 47 of Southwest’s Boeing 737 aircraft, on between 1,451 and 60,000 flights, over a period of two-and-one-half years, deliberately put approximately 200,000 or more unsuspecting travelers in harm’s way - making them fly in un-inspected, non-compliant, aged, and in some cases fuselage-cracked commercial aircraft. Southwest knew the names and faces of their potential victims. Southwest gladly took their money, and for that matter at this point Southwest owes each of them at least a rebate in full of their ticket prices. This was not mere negligence. Irrespective of what forensic lesser charge might technically ultimately apply once further Congressional investigation concludes, the acts and omissions of Southwest and collaborator FAA were tantamount to attempted murder, on a massive scale.

This WILL not stand.

Quiet Rockland asks and encourages those Southwest employees tired of subscribing to their company’s tombstone culture, to leave their sinking airship now to find other and better employ at a responsible airline that actually acknowledges the dignity of the individual human traveler. We further ask every American consumer to now act in solidarity - cancel all flights and other business with Southwest – boycott the airline which we today re-name “Air Kevorkian” - and just say “No” to Southwest, to FAA, and to the greed of the aeromercantile complex that continually and habitually puts profits over people’s lives.

And, as to Southwest stockholders? Vote your conscience.

John J. Tormey III, Esq.
Quiet Rockland

Quiet Rockland

Hey Bucky,
John Tormey is absolutely justified in attacking Sturgell. Sturgell has been the other half of the Failed FAA Administration since 2003 and is directly responsible for many of it's failings. Especially the cozy relationship the FAA has with the Aerospace industry. This relationship was highlighted when Sturgell's predecessor - Blakey - took a high paying job with an aerospace lobbying firm. Something Smells BAD!
So one of the main solutions to this problem has to be – Holding the FAA accountable from the top.
As for “Private Inspectors” - I think that inspection, like Airport security needs to be a Government function – and the airlines should not be able to pressure these inspectors to refrain from pointing out problems.

Thomas Sullivan – Quiet Rockland

John Carr

Mr. Tormey has never been more right in his life. I have the proof. I write a blog, "The Main Bang," where I have posted a story a day for over two years chronicling the Failed Aviation Administration. The lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, fire whistleblowers, hide safety issues, and subvert the will of the Congress and the American people with an arrogance that is stunning.

Google the term, "Tombstone Agency." You will get hundreds of thousands of hits on the FAA, and we ain't talking pizza here.....unless you are referring to the sidewalk splat of a body falling from a high distance after a midair collision.

Do some research and maybe check your facts before attacking the credentials and veracity of someone simply because they happen to practice law. I am the immediate past president of NATCA, and if you reseach the organization or the law regarding current dealings with the FAA you will learn quite a lot, and fly quite a little. Viva la Amtrak, I always say.

Or, we can stick our heads in the sand and wait for some poor overworked controller using ancient equipment to turn Granny into a thin pink mist. You decide.

Very best personal regards,

John S. Carr
Immediate Past President, NATCA
Air Traffic Controller, 29 years, retired
Author/Journalist, The Main Bang

John J. Tormey III, Esq.

(A) "[B]ucky" didn't do his research. "[B]ucky" missed the most obvious calculation - that I am a lawyer acting in my individual capacity as an aggrieved citizen.
(B) "[B]ucky" got ONE thing right, though - but by accident. Yes, it IS personal between me and Sturgell. But I don't bother with people like "bucky" who hide in the cloak of anonymity, since they are more likely than not to be moles for the cowardly FAA itself.
(C) "[B]ucky"s near-jerk and unimaginative "NIMBY" reference, is actually a reference to individual citizens reacting to an aggressor and defending their own property rights. The backyard is Rockland County. The lawyer acts on his own. The aggressor is Sturgell, who himself and with his FAA predecessor Blakey have perpetrated a pattern of agency concealment and lies to the undersigned since Summer of 2007, ALL documented, ALL such documents now in the hands of Congress. The opposite of those same property rights is communism for "bucky". Well, "bucky", then, here is my offer. I will pay for your own-way ticket to North Korea, where I hear that your preferred Weltanschauung is, as I am told, still very much in vogue. And the "constructive suggestion" is simple and was right in front of your nose in my prior post - Bobby Sturgell's removal. Even John Mica now agrees, whether or not he ever admits it. I'm not "butting" out, "bucky", and YOU, are an "embarrassment" to every goofy-toothed kid out there whose mommy calls him "bucky". Sturgell is not "otherwise qualified", and he already GOT his hearing, February 8 before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. It's on the Internet and the whole world has watched it but you - "bucky". As I already carefully briefed, Sturgell lied repeatedly, perjured himself, and acted in contempt of Congress. All the Senators heard him. Too bad you are unable to read the prior post or watch the videotaped testimony that carefully - "bucky".


I find it interesting that the article is about FAA oversight of maintenance and suppliers but the comments by Mr Tormey are all personal attacks on Mr. Sturgell. This leaves to to surmise that Mr Tormey is a lawyer representing an anti-airport group. One other alternative is that he is a common NIMBY. In either case, he shows by his personal attacks that he is a large part of the proble. He offers no constructive suggestions, only accusations.

If you can't suggest improvements without resorting to cheap personal attacks, please butt out. You discredit your profession and your cause.

As neither a supporter nor a detractor of Mr. Sturgell, I note that is only fair to grant him his hearing. IF the commission chooses to deny their support, so be it. If he is denied that process because he has offended a handful of lawmakers while being otherwise qualified, then that handful of lawmakers offer abundant evidence of their own failures.

Personally, I can't understand why anyone would voluntarily submit themselves to the trauma of serving in such a position when to be qualified for that job means that they are supremely qualified for a much more lucrative position in the private sector.

That , in fact, is a large part of the issue in the original article. The rewards for truly qualified inspectors are far more in private industry than they are in government service. As a result, those who are most qualified to serve in the FAA oversight positions are instead serving in industry. Moreover, industry has cut inspection and audit staff to the bone in order to cut their costs. Instead, much of the quality function is fulfilled - at least on paper - by ISO audits conducted by the higher tier manufacturers and by Dansk Veritas. This is not to say that thos audits are not effective, but rather that they are periodic in nature and leave large gaps.

The solution is simple, but expensive. A.) Create a much larger corps of FAA inspectors being compensated in a manner comparable to industry compensation. and B.) Require more actual inspection and verification by industry in place of the current audit systems.

Quiet Rockland

Once again the Sturgell/Blakey FAA has dropped the ball. Again we hear the same excuses "Safety was never compromised" - they will not change their ways until a tragedy occurs. It's time for a regime change at this FAA dictatorship - Sturgell must be fired and his cronies replaced with competent and honest folks.

John J. Tormey III, Esq.

The supposed federal regulators of aviation have failed this country yet again, with their own arrogance, malice, incompetence, and ignorance.

It is an outrageous abomination that Bobby Sturgell and his FAA cannot even bother to coordinate with other federal agencies like the TSA and the USDOT so as to ensure: (A) that those that would harm our country do not even enter, much less be trained at and matriculate from, FAA-certified flight schools; (B) that those that would harm our country cannot in any way gain entry to, much less work for, FAA-certified aircraft repair facilities worldwide which may work on fuel-laden, passenger-filled aircraft bound for the USA, as discussed at the February 29, 2008 Senate Commerce Committee hearing at which Sturgell and USDOT head Mary Peters testified, now available on the Internet; (C) that those that would harm our country be required to spend at least more time than the perfunctory 18 seconds through the TSA cordon at Newark Liberty International Airport as passengers have recently experienced at EWR, as reported by the press this week.

Bobby Sturgell is a harmful and dangerous individual whose malice and incompetence must be summarily rejected by the further outcry of the American people. Bobby Sturgell must be ousted from office as current Acting Head of the FAA. It is abundantly clear that he is ONLY acting – and for that matter, he is a bad actor.

Moreover, Bobby Sturgell is a liar who has already perjured himself repeatedly to save his own proverbial reptilian skin, and to protect solely the interests of the monied aeromercantile complex for which Sturgell regularly shills.

Citizens in Rockland County, NY, as well as citizens in New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, were mouth-agape aghast while watching the evasive and false under oath testimony and answers given by Bobby Sturgell on Thursday, February 7, 2008, to the Senate Commerce Committee. Our citizen group Quiet Rockland has thanked Congress for making the webcast testimony of Bobby Sturgell and the proceedings generally, available to all of us, real time and now archived, through RealPlayer software, on the Senate website.

Bobby Sturgell arrogantly insulted Senators Boxer, McCaskill, and Lautenberg, among all of the rest of us, with his persistent utter refusal to answer the most simple of direct Yes-or-No questions. Sturgell made Watergate conspirators sound like they testified on sodium pentothal by comparison. Senator McCaskill asked the core essential question: Do you think air traffic controller fatigue was a contributing factor[?], to runway incursion mishaps, and the slipperiest of eels, the eel of Sturgell, the Sturg-eel, sought to squirm away in the scripted slime of non answers.

Bobby Sturgell, acting FAA head for three months, testified that he had no prior knowledge of the San Diego aircraft near-miss a few weeks ago?


Sturgell testified that he had no prior knowledge of recent Newark, NJ departures flying out in the wrong direction in the past few weeks?


The nomination of Bobby Sturgell as proposed FAA Administrator should not be confirmed. Instead, after he first personally apologizes to Senators Boxer, McCaskill, and Lautenberg, Bobby Sturgell should then be INDICTED - for contempt of Congress, for rendering perjured testimony under oath, and for already putting millions of otherwise innocent and unsuspecting Americans directly at risk and in the way of harm. Quiet Rockland has now faxed every Senator on the Commerce Committee, asking them to please refer this matter to the AG, IG, GAO, and a Special Prosecutor, and to please now cook this eel.

John J. Tormey III, Esq.

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