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Feb 28, 2008



Dear Readers, 2/28/2008

I have tried my best to not respond to these POGO superb and excellent Articles within the recent past several weeks, although they clearly provoke me and in my view demand my obligation to respond. As may be well known to the readers that within the recent past several weeks there have been almost a dozen superb and excellent Whistleblower Legislation Bills that are and as before in the hands of our US Legislatures. The S274 Whistleblower Legislation that has received the most attention and is now for the recent past several years and as reported is the Legislative Bill that has the most and unanimous support of our US Senatorial and Congressional Legislatures, yet is now with no mention and again is has been unamiously approved within the recent past several years.

First and foremost, please allow me to commend and offer my support where forthright, proper and appropriate in support of POGO and especially Mr. Swellenbach for his heartfelt words in his support for Mr. Gayle and those brave and courages Individuals who allow us our Freedoms and endeavors towards our democracy and Great Country and Nation.

Also where appropriate allow me to commend US Senator Kennedy and US Senator McCaskill for there extra hours of work today for the attached letter. As I have noticed the extra hours of work from these two US Senators and most all our US Senators and US Congressional Members, please allow me to mention to suggest that they read my blog comment replies on this POGO (type axel in the search box) and to please read my comment replies on the GAP, Government Accountability Project website and especially in reference to the/my July 12, 2007 'GAP Testifying at House Hearing' and my May 24, 2007 'NYT Editorial on WEPA (Whistleblower Protection Act).

As the readers of my reply comments may correctly assume that I mention if there is another alternative other than immediate Empeachment of our entire US Executive Branch of Government, please let your views be heard and known.

Again if I may be of further assistance to Senator Kennedy or Senator Mccaskill, please let me know as POGO and Senator Kennedy should have my contact information.

Please note that it is not and continues to be not my intention to offend anyone. Again, in my view it appears to me to be an obligation to once again respond to an excellent Article from POGO with and again the clear and forthright attempt to beg to imply with the best of intent and intentions for a more proper and forthright Accountability on behalf of all and especially our US Constitution with Laws and procedures and our endeavors for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness for all with the best possible regard and respect for God, Man and Country.

Again, continued best wishes and good luck POGO in your continued painstaking and dillegent with perserverence and determination endeavors and with hopefully many successful accomplishments.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


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