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Feb 21, 2008


James V. Tribbett

Lodging a protest versus lodging a frivolous protest is one of those fundamental acts to ensure integrity and ethics in the acquisition process. Unfortunately, the protest process boils down to keeping laywers busy rather than clearing up the issues, refining requirements, and more basically delaying capabilities the warrior needs.

Having experienced nearly all aspects of the acquisition process and watched senior leaders prepare for exiting after 30 plus years of service, there should be a prohibition for eight years from working in the industry over which they had functional influence, not just acquisition authority. And likewise civilian leaders entering into Government service as either political appointees or SES should be prohibited from working in a position responsible for oversight, control, or acquisition of services, products, or contracts related to their prior position.

Nicholas Fagan

The Pentagon's leadership is absolutely right, they should impose penalties for contractors who make threats like that. When a military contractor says such a bold statement. When a military general is so rebelious as to demand you buy what they want then that's a threat and it makes me suspicious about where is loyalties really lye.

Dear POGO, 2/21/2008

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